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Meeting the new website accessibility requirements

Female doctor in white lab coat typing on laptop computer with notebook and medical stethoscope on the desk at workplace. Medical technology ,Electronic health record system (EMR) concept

As if practice managers didn’t have enough on their plates dealing with the coronavirus fallout, the deadline for meeting website accessibility requirements looms on the horizon. Tim Green, of specialist web developer GPsurgery.net, explains more. By 23rd September 2020 – just weeks away – all public sector organisations, including GP practices, need to meet new…

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Has COVID forever changed the delivery of primary care?

gp hosts an online appointment with an elderly quarantined patient at home. Female doctor at the desk talking to an elderly woman on a web camera and gives treatment recommendations.

It would seem that we in the UK are in the midst of a paradigm shift when it comes to delivering primary care appointments. COVID-19 has demanded that technology plays a full part in the tackling of our patients’ diseases and ailments, and the traditional 10-minute face-to-face (F2F) consultation between clinician and patient at the…

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Passwords – What a collection!

Login. Username and Password on Computer Screen

As any new practice manager will soon discover, life is ruled by passwords. And obtaining a whole load of passwords to start working in a surgery can take a considerable amount of time. It’s not a five-minute job. Another problem is working remotely – say, from home – as many of the sites you might…

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Please don’t force technology on us, Mr Hancock

The challenges the NHS faces have been well documented – and are not something you need reminding of in this article. Faced with these problems, and working within the many constraints the service works within, it seems that the Health Secretary Matt Hancock is determined to use technology to transform services – whether those working…

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A better future for General Practice

A better future for General Practice

(Time to read: 4 minutes) By Ben Gowland Some things feel like they’ve been around forever. I don’t remember a time when there was no TV, but my parents assure me people used to spend evenings doing things other than sitting on the sofa and flicking through channels. Hard to imagine. But then I remember…

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I could, if pushed, just say “enough is enough” – By Nicola Davies

(Time to read: 4 minutes) By Nicola Davies I’m writing this piece in a moment of solitude and reflection. No, I haven’t gone mad before you ask. I’m just taking a breather because honestly, it feels like the whole world is against me at the moment. Probably a tad over-dramatic but you know me by…

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Can IT get much worse? – Wales

February 7, 2018, by in EMIS, IT & Technology, Wales 2 Comments

Can IT get much worse? - Wales

In Wales we pretty much have the same problems as the rest of you.  We have GP shortages. We have ANP shortages.  We have complaints about appointments and the lack of.  We have limited resources.  We have pressures about what we prescribe.  We are told off about A&E attendance levels.  We have staff sickness.  We…

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