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My first year as a GP Practice Manager by Riz Husain

My first year as a GP Practice Manager

It’s scary how time passes so quickly when you’re a Practice Manager. The hours zoom by, as do the days and months. I’ve been in post for a full year now and surprisingly I still don’t feel any suicidal tendencies! I have to say I’m very lucky to be in my job because it’s a…

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Ten top tips on how to recruit a Practice Manager

August 12, 2015, by in Recruitment 0 Comments

Practice Manager Recruitment Service

Recruiting a practice manager is one of the most important decisions a practice makes. GP practice manager recruitment can be expensive and time-consuming so it is important to get it right! There may be internal candidates or other candidates known to the practice but it is vital to carry out a thorough and competitive process to ensure…

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My first 6 months as a GP Practice Manager by Riz Husain

January 29, 2015, by in Practice Life, Staff 7 Comments

Biscuit assortment

Hello! This is my first time at blogging so be gentle with me! I guess I should start by sharing a bit about my background. I’m in my mid 40s, British Asian, and I’ve worked mainly in the private sector since graduating in 1993. I won’t bore you with too much (as you can read…

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The Practice Manager and the Train Set

The Practice Manager and his Train Set

Off the tracks! On 14/7/14 the Daily Telegraph reported a case of a practice manager who stole £160,000 from the practice where he was employed. He had used the proceeds to build a model railway, pay for holidays and a car. He had created false invoices to ‘cover his tracks’ and withdrew cash using the…

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