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Practice Managers: Should we expect a mass exodus?

Practice Managers: Should we expect a mass exodus?

A well-publicised research report published by the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) this week revealed that over half of current practice managers have applied for new jobs and the majority of those are aiming to get out of practice management altogether. While the survey only spoke to a relatively small number of PMs, it does…

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Are pharmacists the answer to easing practice workloads?

January 29, 2015, by in NHS, Political, Staff 1 Comment

Pharmacist at work

Are pharmacists the answer to easing practice workloads? Or can pharmacists ease practice workloads? One of the major news stories this week has been the launch of NHS England’s 10 point plan to address staff shortages in general practice. Along with incentivising GPs to postpone retirement, the plan includes piloting schemes to introduce new grades of support…

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Rapid List Growth ‘Fuelling Pressure on GPs’

December 16, 2014, by in Patients, Political, Staff 0 Comments


Practices across the UK are being pushed beyond breaking point as recent figures show a further increase in patients registering at practices already struggling to cope. Some medical professionals are now calling for a one-off registration payment to be charged to new patients as a means to alleviate some of the drain on resources this…

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