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Forum FAQs
What is the purpose of the forum?
To encourage communication between practice managers throughout the UK, providing a platform to share ideas, obtain resources and develop ideas.

Who is the forum for?
Practice Managers at GP practices and healthcare centres. Members must have a valid @nhs or @gp email address and work at a GP practice in order to register. We manually verify every application.

Is the forum free?
The forum is free to join.

Is the forum secure and private?
Privacy is very important to us and only registered members can view the forum. The forum is not visible to anyone else and cannot be searched by search engines. You own all data and can have any comments removed whenever you like. You can close and delete your account at any time.

Is the forum easy to use?
The forum is very easy to use. We have a fantastic platform that powers some of largest forums in the UK. We have customised the platform greatly to remove any unwanted features which makes it easy to use but powerful to do anything you want. If you are not sure about anything on the forum, please just let us know and we will write you a guide.

Can I post anonymously?
There is an “anonymous" option when posting or replying to anything on the forum. If you tick the anonymous option then your username and profile will be hidden for that post.

What is the "Resources" section?
Upload and download documents. For example: policies, protocols, toolkits and guides.

How do I add details to my profile if I want to?
Simply go to your profile, you can very easily upload a picture, add a signature to your posts, and add a bit more detail about yourself.

How to private message a user?
You can use the “Conversation” feature to private message any user. Click on their profile and you will see the 'Start a Conversation' button.

How do I check new posts?
Simply click 'New Posts', you will then be shown all of the new posts and replies and all activity on the forum since you last checked.