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  1. Tel: 0844 3351319

    CliniCall CiC

    Not for profit locum provider

    CliniCall - Logo
    Are you a GP Practice or Healthcare Manager? CliniCall CiC is a social enterprise initiative setup by a group of professionals who want to play a part in improving the nations health.
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  2. Tel: 01207 566 120

    Primary Locums

    Providing locum cover across the North East of England

    Primary Locums - Logo
    Primary Locums is the only Primary Care Virtual Practice, recruiting and supplying professional locums to GP practitioners, nurse practitioners, as well as admin and support staff.
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  3. Tel: 0203 771 8411


    Fill your shift gaps without the cost of an agency

    Lantum - Logo
    Lantum is a workforce management platform that helps practices to fill shift gaps faster, save time on workforce administration and save expense on costly locum agencies. It offers access to a network of 17,500+ GPs and is used in 95% of CCGs in England.
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  4. NASGP LocumDeck

    Book locums online, instantly; no booking charge to practices.

    Completely free to GP practices, LocumDeck is part of NASGP’s Practeus platform
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  5. GP Rota

    GP Rota for Practices, Hubs & Networks. All the tools for your own locum bank agency

    GP Rota
    A powerful tool for organisation and collaboration to help you excel. Made by Doctors for Doctors.
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  6. Tel: 0800 111 4102 / 07971 187921 (out of office)

    Medical Personnel Ltd

    Locum GP and Nurse providers

    Medical Personnel Ltd - Logo
    The mission of Medical Personnel is to provide exactly what you need – High quality medical personnel to health practices and GP surgeries across the country.
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6 Companies

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Top tips to finding the best locum for your surgery

When you find you need a GP to cover a session, it can be a leap of faith as to whether you get someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, or someone who is new to the game and doesn’t know how things work.

Here are our top tips that we’ve learned to make finding a GP that bit easier and stress-free.

  1. Get organised in advance. Almost all GPs prefer to book work at least a month in advance so they can plan their schedule. If you know one of your GPs is going on holiday, get a job notice up as soon as you can, don’t leave it to the last minute. This also means that you are more likely to secure a GP for a better rate.
  2. Don’t send out a mass email. Not only does it mean there is no visibility for the GPs as to what is still available once they get the email, but also it may not be relevant to them if they’re already booked. Using an online software links your jobs with GPs who say they’re free on those days, which means targeted contact to relevant GPs and a better communication system.
  3. Be detailed in your description of the session. This will give GPs confidence in what they’re expected to do, and you’ll get applications from people who can definitely fulfil the criteria.
  4. If it’s last minute, be open to new people. If you have a GP call in sick, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge with a new person. It might be the start of a beautiful new relationship.
  5. Be flexible with timings. It can sometimes seem like the only bargaining chip you have is by offering a higher rate. This is not the case. If you can adjust the session timings, for example by avoiding a long break between sessions when they have nothing to do, or having a longer overall session time, you make the job more attractive.
  6. Reply quickly to queries. Many GPs will make more than one application for the days that they’re free, so that they can be sure of having a job booked. If they ask any questions, try to get back to them as soon as possible, and don’t leave applications waiting. The longer they are left, the more likely the GP will assume you don’t want their services.
  7. Be vigilant with documentation. It’s tempting to assume that GPs have everything sorted, but remember they may not have a regular surgery who helps them keep on top of all the courses required. This will make it much easier come CQC inspection time, and also gives you the reassurance that they have all the necessaries.
  8. Find out about them as a person. How long have they done locum work for? Do they have any special interests? What are their plans for the future? All this can give you an indication as to how they’re going to work in your surgery and fit in to your team.
  9. Do an ID check. Ask them to bring their passport with them when they work for you for the first time, or to email a certified copy in advance. It may seem excessive, but there can be serious consequences if you don’t check, particularly if you employ someone with an incorrect non-EU visa.
  10. Give them a warm welcome. While it may be nerve-wracking for you to have a new person into your surgery, it’s a new experience for the GP as well and having a friendly face with a cup of tea can make all the difference.