Dispute CouncilIf you are a Practice Manager struggling with a supplier then we can help.

Are you finding it difficult to get in-touch with a supplier? Perhaps you have had a disagreement that needs resolving or feel you are receiving poor service and are unhappy with the way you are being treated.

We have many years' business experience and can help resolve issues by acting as a middle man with the interests of both parties in mind.

If you would like our help please get in touch. It is 100% free with no strings attached.

All Practice Index approved suppliers must abide by the Code of Practice. In the unlikely event you have a dispute with a Practice Index approved supplier, this will also be addressed.


* Practice Index will remain independent in its investigation of any dispute raised against a supplier, and provides a system to assist in reaching an agreeable conclusion to any such complaint. We request that all disputes are dealt with in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. Practice Index intends to create a fair and unbiased system for both suppliers and Practice Managers. Practice Index encourages open and honest dialogue between both parties, geared towards obtaining a conclusive result.