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Over 600 downloadable policies, procedures, protocols, templates, forms and toolkits.
If you need a policy, just let us know and we will write it for you.
Keeping you and your HR and H&S policies updated on legislation changes using our simple traffic light system.
Our specialist HR and employment law advisers help with a huge range of HR issues in GP practices.
Expertly written guides on how to improve your practice's profitability, efficiency and performance.
Monthly social media campaigns complete with accompanying resources.
eLearning courses
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • GDPR - The Perfect Practice
  • CQC for all staff
  • Excel basics for Practice Managers
Discounts on products and services. Real savings for your practice.
Loved by thousands of GP practices
"PLUS membership is invaluable. Brilliant support, thank you!"
Alison Ellis, North Leverton Surgery in Retford, Notts

“Super package and superb service which represents excellent value for money. Always striving to improve practices.”
Christina Cleworth, Portsdown Group Practice in Portsmouth

“PLUS has every resource a Practice Manager needs. You won't find a better support tool for that dreaded CQC visit/difficult HR issue/obscure query than this website. It is teeming with protocols and policies, meaning you don't have to reinvent the wheel. My job would be a lot more stressful without it, that's for sure!”
Tina Byrne, Guildhall Surgery in Kent

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