GP practice consultancy services

GP Practice Consultancy Services

Our vision statement:

To be recognised as the leading provider of primary care consultancy services in the UK.

Consultancy Services:

  • Management Solutions
  • Operational Support
  • Learning & Development

Management Solutions:

Our consultants have the skills and experience to provide an extensive range of management solutions:
  • Creating vision & mission statements
    We explain the differences between vision and mission statements and help you write both, with realistic aspirations aligned to the values of your practice. Your mission statement summarises where you are now and your vision statement explains where you want to get to.

  • Strategic Planning
    This is where the strategic objectives of the organisation are defined and a strategic management plan produced. Through a systematic approach, our consultants will help implement your plan too.

  • Process Mapping
    We review the processes within your organisation and then illustrate this in visual format, ensuring everyone within the organisation understands the processes. A useful tool for inductions and also when engaging with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Organisational Development
    Having reviewed the procedures currently in place, we will provide you with detailed information and on-going support to enhance productivity through long-term sustainable development initiatives.

  • Resilience Planning
    Do you know what to do in the event of a loss of essential services, facilities or utilities?  Having a Business Resilience Plan (BRP) will guarantee you and your team know exactly what to do, to ensure your patients are able to access the services they need in a timely manner.

  • Change Management
    Change is omnipresent, people, places, process all change.  In fact, it could be said we are continually in a state change.  We can implement change successfully, through the use of proven frameworks, helping the team overcome resistance to change and ensuring a successful outcome.

  • Continuous Improvement
    We will provide support in introducing the concept of continuous improvement, illustrating the significance of creating and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation.
  • Analytical Assessment
    We visit your practice, meet with the management team to discuss a number of key areas such as: recruitment, access, current performance, QOF & CQC, finance, service provision, challenges & concerns etc.

We provide a detailed report, highlighting areas where we could provide support to address some of the issues highlighted.  Our consultants are able to provide support to improve processes and service provision.

Operational Support:

Our consultants are experienced in primary care and know what it takes to succeed. 
  • Practice Caretaking
    We provide experienced practice managers who are able to ensure the efficient running of your practice on a daily basis until a permanent management team is in place. 
  • Mergers
    Merging with another practice can be a challenging and often raises a number of concerns.  Our team are able to produce guidance and offer on-going support to ensure your merger is successful and all stakeholders have the necessary information to enable them to make informed decisions at all times.
  • Joining a Federation
    Becoming part of the federation can be an exciting yet uncertain time.  We will provide support through our team of experience consultants who are with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome for your practice. 
  • CQC preparation & solutions
    Being prepared is key to a successful CQC inspection.  There are many factors to be considered prior to an inspection.  We can carry out a visit to determine your current status and provide direction to offer you the best possible chance of success. 
  • Information Technology
    Our experienced team can offer guidance and support for EMIS, Systmone and Vision.  We can help new members of staff learn the basics of the system or help your existing team members maximise the inbuilt tools to enhance productivity.
  • Telecommunication Systems
    Having supported practices source and procure telecommunication systems, we can provide practices with advice in order to help them find and install the ideal system for their practice. 

Learning & Development:

Passionate about the development of teams and enhancing the learning experience. 
  • Team Building Sessions
    The benefits of team building are substantial.  We over bespoke sessions, which will form collaborative working relationships, enhance productivity, improve communication, morale and appreciation within your organisation.
  • Leadership Development
    Effective leadership is essential in the fast-paced environment of primary care.  Enabling your leaders to develop and understand what makes an effective leader will increase the output across all areas within your practice. 
  • Management Coaching
    Through one-on-one sessions, your managers or aspiring managers will learn to understand the skills needed to become effective in their roles. Our sessions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your management team / aspiring managers.

  • Performance Coaching
    Performance coaching is aimed at getting the best out of your team in order to develop the skills needed to deliver a highly effective service to the patient population. Our sessions will enable your team to improve their work-related performance through one-on-one coaching sessions.

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