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Motivation and morale: keeping staff happy

You don’t need to be told that the healthcare sector is facing a staffing crisis. Across most job roles, leavers are outnumbering joiners – and those that do remain seem to be struggling with morale. Staff morale is a hot topic – and a problem – for Practice Managers. On the one hand, given the

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23 ways to survive the CQC inspection call

Following the recent completion of their latest round of telephone-based CQC inspections, a pair of practice managers have kindly shared their top findings and handy hints to help other PMs better prepare for the ordeal. Grab a hot drink (or something stronger), settle down and buckle up… Be prepared. You have the questions in advance,

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Calculating the true cost of staffing

As we’ve written about in detail before on the Practice Index Blog, few things cause practice managers more concerns than staffing – especially the cost of it. It’s no surprise either, given the size of a practice’s wage bill. A recent question posed on the Practice Index Forum brought the topic to the fore –

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Getting creative to solve the GP shortage

For practice managers, one of the biggest headaches is staffing. Recruiting new staff, retaining existing people, managing salary (and pension) costs and generally ensuring a practice has the right balance of personnel is tough. Then there’s the CQC’s safe staffing agenda to worry about. According to the CQC, Safe, effective staffing is about “having enough

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HR and H&S Updates – June 2019

HR and H&S Updates

A summary of the HR and H&S updates issued in June 2019. HR Updates Amber alerts NHS employee with cataracts unfairly dismissed

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Can self care save practice resources?

Can self-care save practice resources?

Across the pages of the Practice Index blog, one of the common themes that keeps cropping up is the need – and attempts made – to free up resources. Whether it’s a push to save time and free up appointments, cut wastage, reduce drug over-prescribing or an automation of tasks, plenty of schemes have been

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Reminding your patients how much the NHS saves them (FREE poster)

One of the great frustrations for any healthcare professional is dissatisfaction from patients! It is not our aim to have to make them wait for an appointment, or to have to say there is little we can do when they complain about waiting times for the referral we have made. As frustrating as this is,

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