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The 12 days of practice management at Christmas – by PM Polly

December 17, 2020, by in Funny, General Practice 5 Comments

business woman businesswoman freelancer tired, asleep working at computer at Christmas

On the first day of Christmas My receptionist sent to me A sick note as she was poorly. On the second day of Christmas My practice nurse sent to me Two patient tasks, And a sick note as she was poorly. On the third day of Christmas My healthcare worker sent to me Three new…

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Easy profit wins in general practice


Many practices are under pressure financially following COVID-19. Specialist medical accountant Sally Sidaway offers ten tips on how to maintain profits in challenging times. 1 – Drug profit levels Even for non-dispensing practices, having good internal controls and a solid buying policy for drugs are essential. Make sure everything used is claimed for and that…

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“You’re kidding!”

Blue ribbon and stethoscope on wooden background. Cancer awareness concept

None of us have the time. We’re all busy. Right now we’re fighting our way through the flu vaccines (or lack of them), putting on our battle armour in preparation for 2019, and trying to make an educated guess as to how many staff are likely to be ‘off sick’ during the winter. So there’ll…

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Success Stories Showcase: Active signposting

10 success story

Making healthcare accessible is crucial for GP practices, according to the Department of Health. After all, as part of the GP Forward View, it has committed £45m fund to contribute towards the training of practice reception and clerical staff with the aim of ensuring that they are well-equipped to undertake an enhanced role in active signposting and…

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Are Telephone Consultations replacing Face-to-Face Consultations?

Female hand holding headset and dialing number

As GP practices battle to provide an adequate number of face-to-face appointments, I was wondering if other forms of consultation are on the increase. I spotted recently a notice in my local surgery which declared that almost one third of consultations in July had been carried out on the telephone. This amounted to a remarkable…

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A better future for General Practice

A better future for General Practice

(Time to read: 4 minutes) By Ben Gowland Some things feel like they’ve been around forever. I don’t remember a time when there was no TV, but my parents assure me people used to spend evenings doing things other than sitting on the sofa and flicking through channels. Hard to imagine. But then I remember…

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