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Social prescribing: Good for us all

Signpost with the words Help, Support, Advice, Guidance and Assistance on the direction arrows, against a bright blue cloudy sky.

Introduction As GPs and primary care teams, we’re on a journey. We started in single primary care organisations, we’ve entered into collaboration with others in the Primary Care Networks, and we’re en route to becoming vital members of wider Integrated Care Systems. Whilst the individual patient in front of us will always be our priority,…

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HR Masterclass – Module 4 (Appraisals and objective setting)

Human resources management and recruitment concept, Hand holding magnifying glass search people paper icon on top desk.

The HR Masterclass is a comprehensive, interactive insight into the minefield of managing a team. Whether you are a seasoned PM or are new to the role, each module delves into a different area of human resources. From recruitment (module 1) to performance management (module 2) and managing disciplinary issues (module 3), this Masterclass can be…

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Mandatory training requirements – What, when and who

Diverse People and Training Concepts

There have been many comments recently regarding staff development, particularly about mandatory training, retake periods and who needs to do what training. Well, the ball lies in your court (to a certain extent) as Nigel’s surgery 70 states: “CQC does not have a list of mandatory training for members of the GP practice team”. You…

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Disciplinaries – HR Masterclass Module 3

image of tangram puzzle blocks with people icons over wooden table ,human resources and management concept

In the third module of the HR Masterclass, Robyn Jackson takes us through how to successfully manage disciplinary issues. Being able to confidently deal with employee issues is an important part of ensuring the smooth and efficient running of your practice. This module provides guidance to assist Practice Managers understand and navigate through all aspects…

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HR Masterclass – Module One (Recruitment)

Row of chairs with one odd one out. Job opportunity. Business leadership. recruitment concept. 3D rendering

In the first module of the HR masterclass, Robyn Jackson takes you through the recruitment process. This is the first stage in the employee life cycle, and top-quality recruitment is vital not just for ensuring you get the best possible candidates for your roles, but also for promoting your practice as an employer of choice.…

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HR Masterclass (Online course)

HR human resource written on a stick and magnifier.

Managing Human Resources in general practice can be an absolute minefield, and judging by the posts we’ve seen on the forums, we realise a new HR-related conundrum can appear every day! Robyn Jackson, forum HR guru, has teamed up with the Practice Index team to bring you an HR Masterclass designed to boost your knowledge…

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COVID-19 and digitalising medical records

May 7, 2020, by in QOF, Training 1 Comment

Doctor using laptop and electronic medical record (EMR) system. Digital database of patient's health care and personal information on computer screen. Hand on mouse and typing with keyboard.

Twenty years ago, the NHS began the process of taking paper records and creating digital summaries of them. Collating relevant data and standardising it is a complicated task, but when done properly it’s highly beneficial. The current COVID-19 pandemic provides a great example of just how invaluable this data can be. We’ve seen a stream of reports…

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