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Phil - Practice Index

Phil - Practice Index

COVID vaccines – the controversial waste dilemma

Glass vials for liquid samples. Laboratory equipment for dispensing fluid samples.

Since the COVID-19 vaccine programme commenced, healthcare staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to administer the vaccine to those patients sitting in the high-priority groups. To date, c18 million people have had their first dose of the vaccine; this equates to one in three adults across the UK. The roll-out continues at pace, and the…

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Flash to bang! How short is your fuse?

Tired and overworked business woman. Young exhausted girl sleeping on table during her work using laptop, digital tablet and smartphone. Entrepreneur, freelance worker or student in stress concept

Do you find yourself becoming increasingly short-tempered or have you seen members of your team go from being happy and chatty to the person who comes to work, does their job and says nothing? Today’s working environment is significantly different to what it was 12 months ago; little did we know then the significant impact…

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CQC: Big changes are on the horizon

January 28, 2021, by in CQC 0 Comments

Haken an erledigte Aufgaben auf einer Liste

If you’re struggling to think of something positive to come out of this pandemic, let me suggest the ability to adapt to and overcome the challenges and changes that have been forced upon primary care. We’ve had to deal with ever-moving goalposts, changes to routines, the hurry up and wait for clear and concise direction.…

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MHRA to the left of me, Pfizer to the right, stuck in the middle with COVID…

General practitioner vaccinating old patient in private clinic with copy space. Doctor giving injection to senior woman at hospital. Nurse holding syringe and using cotton before make Covid-19 or coronavirus vaccine.

As I was wondering how to start this blog, for some reason the Stealers Wheel’s song “Stuck In The Middle With You” came into my mind. Now I’m not for one minute saying that MHRA are clowns or Pfizer jokers; I’m merely emphasising that we’re stuck in the middle! Maybe I should have called the…

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Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA) guidance document

Stethoscope and background doctor using laptop at desk in clinic working on computer at room office.

The CQC has and continues to go through a period of change; there’s the ARR, ESF, TRA and now TMA, giving a plethora of TLAs. IMO it’s little wonder that a lot of people may be thinking OMG, IDK what you’re on about. MMW, you’re not alone! Right, enough of the three-letter abbreviations (TLAs); it’s…

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Mandatory training requirements – What, when and who

Diverse People and Training Concepts

There have been many comments recently regarding staff development, particularly about mandatory training, retake periods and who needs to do what training. Well, the ball lies in your court (to a certain extent) as Nigel’s surgery 70 states: “CQC does not have a list of mandatory training for members of the GP practice team”. You…

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Presenting your practice to the CQC

interior shot of a doctor’s waiting room

Last week, I wrote a blog explaining why it’s good practice to give a presentation to your team about how the CQC inspects practices, particularly as a lot has changed over the past few months, including the CQC’s regulatory approach. What hasn’t changed is the fact that you still have a 30-minute opportunity to shine,…

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