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Perfecting the practice nurse to patient ratio

June 18, 2015, by in Nurses, Patients 1 Comment

Nurse to patient ratio

In previous posts on the Practice Index blog we’ve looked at GP to patient ratios and staff to patient ratios. One area we’ve only touched on, however, is practice nurse to patient ratio, which is why in this post we’ll look to see if there’s a way of accurately calculating how many nurses you need.…

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Focusing on the front line

February 12, 2015, by in News 2 Comments

Blonde receptionist

In an attempt to improve patient contact with GP practices, NHS Bradford City CCG and NHS Bradford Districts CCG are funding training courses to train receptionists in customer care. The idea is to help staff “make each patient feel valued and at ease” and is part of a drive to improve patients’ experience of primary…

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Stop worrying about how to deal with complaints – let’s stamp them out

January 22, 2015, by in Complaints, Patients 0 Comments

Male patient tells the doctor about his health complaints

It has been reported this week that NHS England is considering allowing CCGs to handle patient complaints about GPs, following criticism of the current system by a parliamentary committee. The House of Commons Health Committee highlighted examples of primary care complaints from Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly being passed to a call centre…

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Rapid List Growth ‘Fuelling Pressure on GPs’

December 16, 2014, by in Patients, Political, Staff 0 Comments


Practices across the UK are being pushed beyond breaking point as recent figures show a further increase in patients registering at practices already struggling to cope. Some medical professionals are now calling for a one-off registration payment to be charged to new patients as a means to alleviate some of the drain on resources this…

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The Secrets of Body Language at your GP Practice & Why You Need To Know Them

The Secrets of Body Language & Why You Need To Know Them

Research shows that details as subtle as what we do with our arms, and how we position our feet accounts for 50-70% of all communication. So in a workplace where hundreds of patients come and go every day, being literate in body language is essential for you and your team. As well as for the…

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