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Perfecting the practice nurse to patient ratio

June 18, 2015, by in Nurses, Patients

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Nurse to patient ratio

In previous posts on the Practice Index blog we’ve looked at GP to patient ratios and staff to patient ratios. One area we’ve only touched on, however, is practice nurse to patient ratio, which is why in this post we’ll look to see if there’s a way of accurately calculating how many nurses you need. […]

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Achieving the correct appointment versus patient ratio

Achieving the correct appointment versus patient ratio

Following on from previous Practice Index blogs that have focused on staffing levels and ratios of staff to numbers of patients, this week we’re concentrating on the number of GP appointments per 1,000 patients and what practices can do to ensure they’re offering the best possible access to their patients. Plenty of figures are available […]

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Is there a perfect GP staff to patient ratio?

GP staff to patient ratio

One of the questions Practice Index was asked by a practice manager recently related to staffing numbers and whether or not there was a formula for the correct number of staff to patients. The honest answer is that there isn’t one, although we can look at statistical data to find out what the average staff:patient […]

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