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Tag Archives: communication

How to Make Your Staff Happy

October 24, 2014, by in Staff


Happy staff

A happy and appreciated team is normally one that’s more efficient and less absent from work. They’re more loyal, more creative when it comes to problem-solving, and they stick around for longer in your employment. Happier workers help their colleagues out three times more often than unhappy ones and they hit their targets 31% more […]

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Practice Managers, are you communicating with your receptionists?

August 4, 2014, by in Reception


Practice Managers, are you communicating with your receptionist

Guest blog post by Sheila Wells from Beyond The Reception Desk Being a doctors receptionist is no easy task, and certainly not the job some people seem to think it is, some think it’s sitting at the desk booking patients in to see the doctor and handing out prescriptions, oh no it’s so much more […]

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