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Presenting your practice to the CQC

Last week, I wrote a blog explaining why it’s good practice to give a presentation to your team about how the CQC inspects practices, particularly as a lot has changed over the past few months, including the CQC’s regulatory approach. What hasn’t changed is the fact that you still have a 30-minute opportunity to shine,

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The ever-changing CQC environment

A lot has changed in regard to the CQC over recent months, and it would appear that the CQC are far from reaching a state of #newnormal2020 (other hashtags are available). We’ve been kept abreast of changes to the CQC’s regulatory approach, which saw them pause routine inspections and only inspect those organisations that were

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The inspector is on the blower… The Emergency Support Framework blog!

First of all, I should start this blog by announcing that actually I’m a real advocate of having a healthcare regulator, and having the CQC is a good thing. So, there it is… I’m now officially a social outcast and I await your abuse! Background to the Emergency Support Framework (ESF) It all started on

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The inspector is on the blower!

Warning! It’s now time to reset the answerphone message from “I’m out of the office indefinitely” to a more welcoming and possibly more professional version. Why? Well, the CQC is coming to a telephone near you! No need for mass hysteria, but the brow does become slightly wrinkled when we ponder what our colleagues at

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Lessons from the top: key trends from the latest Outstanding inspections

While talk of CQC inspections has undoubtedly decreased over the last few months, in part due to the fact that most practices are onto second (and even third in some cases) visits or calls, inspections still remain a critical part of practice evaluation. That means, whether good, bad or downright ugly, inspection reports remain an

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How do you keep on top of cleaning standards?

Cleaning standards and schedule How many times have you bumped into a new member of the cleaning team and they’ve looked… well, a little unsure about the job in hand? Even if they’re being supervised, the supervisor is also on a tight schedule and can’t watch them all the time… So, are you actually getting

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23 ways to survive the CQC inspection call

Following the recent completion of their latest round of telephone-based CQC inspections, a pair of practice managers have kindly shared their top findings and handy hints to help other PMs better prepare for the ordeal. Grab a hot drink (or something stronger), settle down and buckle up… Be prepared. You have the questions in advance,

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