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CQC: Big changes are on the horizon

January 28, 2021, by in CQC 0 Comments

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If you’re struggling to think of something positive to come out of this pandemic, let me suggest the ability to adapt to and overcome the challenges and changes that have been forced upon primary care. We’ve had to deal with ever-moving goalposts, changes to routines, the hurry up and wait for clear and concise direction.…

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DSQS – What is there?

November 19, 2020, by in CQC, News, Pharmacists, Policies 1 Comment

Pharmacy blurred store drugs shelf interior. Concept of pharmacist and chemist, fake drugs.

Have you ever wondered what those four letters mean and the importance surrounding them? ‘Discussing Stupid Questions and Suggestions’? No, for once this doesn’t relate to PCSE! I have to admit to not remembering whether these letters were even uttered at my practice manager interview but then I have been a PM for a while,…

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Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA) guidance document

Stethoscope and background doctor using laptop at desk in clinic working on computer at room office.

The CQC has and continues to go through a period of change; there’s the ARR, ESF, TRA and now TMA, giving a plethora of TLAs. IMO it’s little wonder that a lot of people may be thinking OMG, IDK what you’re on about. MMW, you’re not alone! Right, enough of the three-letter abbreviations (TLAs); it’s…

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Presenting your practice to the CQC

interior shot of a doctor’s waiting room

Last week, I wrote a blog explaining why it’s good practice to give a presentation to your team about how the CQC inspects practices, particularly as a lot has changed over the past few months, including the CQC’s regulatory approach. What hasn’t changed is the fact that you still have a 30-minute opportunity to shine,…

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The ever-changing CQC environment

Female doctor physician sits at workplace using laptop, writing notes in medical journal. Woman therapist general practitioner wearing white coat working at table, close up view. Focus on stethoscope

A lot has changed in regard to the CQC over recent months, and it would appear that the CQC are far from reaching a state of #newnormal2020 (other hashtags are available). We’ve been kept abreast of changes to the CQC’s regulatory approach, which saw them pause routine inspections and only inspect those organisations that were…

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The inspector is on the blower… The Emergency Support Framework blog!

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First of all, I should start this blog by announcing that actually I’m a real advocate of having a healthcare regulator, and having the CQC is a good thing. So, there it is… I’m now officially a social outcast and I await your abuse! Background to the Emergency Support Framework (ESF) It all started on…

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The inspector is on the blower!

Desperate sad business man waiting for someone to call him

Warning! It’s now time to reset the answerphone message from “I’m out of the office indefinitely” to a more welcoming and possibly more professional version. Why? Well, the CQC is coming to a telephone near you! No need for mass hysteria, but the brow does become slightly wrinkled when we ponder what our colleagues at…

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