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This too shall pass – By Nicola Davies

Well, haven’t we all had a few interesting weeks! What started out for some as “it’s only like flu, don’t panic”, has rapidly become akin to the Great Plague with Joe Public wearing masks and gloves while doing the supermarket shop (I’m saying nothing about the absolutely appalling behaviour of some panic-buying as that’s a

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Battling the keyboard complainers

September 12, 2019, by in Practice Life, Reviews


It’s safe to say that the rise of social media hasn’t been 100% positive. Nowadays, keyboard warriors – people who criticise, abuse, and threaten others from the safety (and sometimes anonymity) of their screens – are common in all areas of life. Sometimes, these keyboard warriors are simply trolls – people who find amusement and

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What you might need to look for as a new practice manager

Apart from wondering whether you should have taken on the job in the first place, what other factors should you consider on commencing your new role? This checklist is intended to help you through the quagmire of challenges you might face! Contract of employment: Have you received a formal, written job offer along with detailed

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Employing locums – is it really the solution?

Firstly, I should say that locums come in many forms, not just doctors. I’ve recently come across a locum practice manager, a locum nurse practitioner as well as a locum healthcare assistant, a locum pharmacist and even agency reception and secretarial staff, all of whom were highly skilled and beneficial to the practice. However, all

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Managing change – what could your accountant be helping you with?

‘Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.’ Robin Sharma More specialist medical accountancy firms are now able to provide a much broader service offering that includes, in some instances, assisting GP practices with managing change. As one of these lucky change consultants, here are my favourite tips to

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Passwords Galore

Being a practice manager, and possibly a new one, you need to get into the world of usernames, passwords, code numbers, portals and logins. You can do very little without a whole series of passwords; but the danger is that you’ll use a standard or obvious password and just once in a while change the

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How to find a missing record

One thread writer recently asked for help figuring out why three lots of records had been received for patients with the same family name, but with the same NHS number. My answer was to check the date of birth shown on all the documents. I recall one specific case where three male members of one

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