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Mat Phillips

Mat Phillips

Mat Phillips is a Practice Manager and clinical governance specialist, facilitator and trainer. A primary care career spanning 30+ years within the NHS, in the UK Oil and Gas Industry and Royal Navy. Mat now provides specialist consultancy support to Practice Index and the wider primary care community.

Has COVID forever changed the delivery of primary care?

It would seem that we in the UK are in the midst of a paradigm shift when it comes to delivering primary care appointments. COVID-19 has demanded that technology plays a full part in the tackling of our patients’ diseases and ailments, and the traditional 10-minute face-to-face (F2F) consultation between clinician and patient at the

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Domestic abuse – a pandemic out of control?

I was shocked to read that reports of domestic abuse have risen by a staggering 20% globally during the coronavirus pandemic – it seems to be an undeclared pandemic in its own right. We’re all aware that domestic abuse goes on; it probably reaches almost every person in the country either directly or indirectly. If

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The inspector is on the blower… The Emergency Support Framework blog!

First of all, I should start this blog by announcing that actually I’m a real advocate of having a healthcare regulator, and having the CQC is a good thing. So, there it is… I’m now officially a social outcast and I await your abuse! Background to the Emergency Support Framework (ESF) It all started on

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The inspector is on the blower!

Warning! It’s now time to reset the answerphone message from “I’m out of the office indefinitely” to a more welcoming and possibly more professional version. Why? Well, the CQC is coming to a telephone near you! No need for mass hysteria, but the brow does become slightly wrinkled when we ponder what our colleagues at

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The strategic importance of a Business Continuity Plan

“Great Scott!” How many times have we all said, “If I knew then what I know now…”? Well, if I could jump in my DeLorean and travel back just a few months, I’d certainly make a plan before I did so. My new-found business plan would include having a stash of downloaded lottery numbers and

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DBS certification within primary care

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) process can be a bit of a minefield in primary care as one wrong step and it could be game over. Challenges arise as the checks required vary dependent on the role. Ensuring you correctly complete all the regulatory stuff is vital, as we don’t want our practice to

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Shipshape for a pandemic

March 19, 2020, by in Coronavirus


Since 12th March 2020, we’ve all become very aware of the government’s announcement that we’ve moved from the ‘contain’ phase into the ‘delay’ phase of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. But what does this mean for your practice, and how do we raise the quarantine flag to warn other seafarers if we become compromised? Another

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