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Flu clinics, weight loss and bicycles – by Nicola Davies

Because of the COVID pandemic, and generally being busier than ever trying to weave my way through the myriad of directives from NHS England, our local CCG and the council, I’ve not really had time to lose my rag, which is quite something. However, in the last 48 hours or so, I have literally boiled

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Isolating or working at home

During this devastating period of the coronavirus pandemic, there are staff who may well have essential front-line NHS jobs but who, for whatever reason, need to accept the government’s instruction to stay at home. This is a decision that individuals might make for themselves or that their employer might make for them. But no employer

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The Budget – what are we hoping for in general practice?

With the Budget arriving on Wednesday, our thoughts turn to general practice and what might be proposed for us this year. While it is unlikely that our wish list of unlimited funding and double the number of GPs and nurses will be granted tomorrow, or ever! What could we more realistically hope for? The NHS

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The degrading of a practice manager

Avid blog readers of the Practice Index forum will have read, hopefully with interest, my recent series of blogs on grading practice staff, but sadly the same readers will probably also have read the threads about the poor treatment some of our erstwhile practice managers experience. I’ve worked either in or with eight practices since

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Tell them how it is

It’s so worrying that I keep reading threads on the Practice Index forum about how difficult life is made for a practice manager by doctors and their staff. While there’s no ideal way to run a practice, there are approaches you can try to develop which may help you. One maxim is ‘Always have an

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Grading of a practice manager

September 30, 2019, by in Opinion, Pay, Staff


This is the third article in a series of three looking at grading practice staff salaries. View part one and part two.  Much is being written on the Practice Index forum about the plight of practice managers and their deputies. The discussion often centres around grading, working hours and workload. Principally, the size of a

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Practice nursing teams and grading

September 23, 2019, by in Opinion, Pay

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This is the second article in a series of three looking at grading practice staff salaries. Part one can be found here What’s a job worth? Following on from the blog about clerical and administrative staff grading, this blog takes a closer look at the nursing team in a GP practice and the salaries that

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