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Practice Managers – A vital resource? by Nicola Davies

Businesswoman doing yoga to calm down the stressful emotion from hard work in office over desk with office Concept of meditation . Vector illustration in flat style

Many of you, by now, will be aware that I’m one of the co-founders of the Institute of General Practice Management and that (behind the day job) we’re steaming ahead, making sure we’re recognised as THE ‘go-to’ organisation – We want to become the first place that anyone who’s anyone will come to, to get the…

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Make sure your pension records are complete

Wooden blocks with the word Pension and a magnifying glass in the hand of a man. Analysis of retirement payments. The size of pensions. Pension Fund. Financial condition of older people. Supplements

I’ve been pondering the kinds of errors that are made when submitting the annual pension returns to NHS Pensions, the dreaded SD55. As a retired person, but still doing the odd practice management job, I fully understand the importance of accurate NHS pensionable service records and up-to-date contributions being recorded correctly. “Here’s another fine mess…

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Do you feel as though you work for the National Health Service?

April 20, 2021, by in Opinion 0 Comments

Doctor working on laptop computer with report analysis and money about Healthcare costs and fees in medical hostpital office. Focus stethoscope on table. Healthcare budget and business concept

Over the last ten years, I’ve worked for a number of practices, helping them out during difficult times, and have been involved in the recruitment of new practice managers. So, during that time, I’ve come across a variety of situations, which on reflection make me think about the salaries offered for the job in hand.…

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A holiday? By PM Polly

April 15, 2021, by in Funny, Opinion 7 Comments

Ringing Red Telephone

What bank holidays mean to the rest of the nation: Time off Lie-ins Gardening Walks Sunshine (hopefully) Beach trips Picnics Take-outs Relaxing Reading DIY Going to the park Enjoying a bike ride Camping A short break away What the public think the bank holiday means for anyone working in a GP practice: NONE OF THE…

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Will next year be an even bigger challenge than last year for Practice Managers?

challenge strategy future challenges life management organization projects illustration graphic  sign develop background act of defiance advertising modern open space signs banner development business job success task school college  symbol work abstract modern signpost choose copy spacethinking colorful widescreen space various many promote marketing different empty space metaphor chalenge banner sky blue contrast clouds copyspace

Life, as we know, is a challenge in general practice.  But will 2021/22 prove to be the biggest challenge so far? Now, 2020/21 was challenging enough!  It is not every year that practices have to completely change the way they do things, cope with a pandemic, run the biggest ever flu vaccination programme, and then…

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Just when I thought I had it sorted… By Nicola Davies

March 18, 2021, by in COVID-19, Opinion 5 Comments

syringe with anti covid vaccine in doctor's hands

Well, it’s been a while dear reader, but the rant is back, and I hate to say it’s all things COVID! But, there’s nothing else going on in the world after all! Earlier last week, I sat down with my nurses and worked out a plan of action to sort out second doses of our…

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NHS reforms 2021 – By virverax

March 11, 2021, by in Opinion 4 Comments

Miniature figures businessman : meeting on reform  letters by wooden block word on white paper background, in concept of business and corporation

British governments have, over the years, demonstrated a persistent and almost obsessive desire to re-engineer the NHS via politically driven, top-down reorganisation throughout its 73-year history – more so than most other comparable G7 countries do with their own healthcare systems. Arguably, the mis-characterisation of the NHS as a single unitary organism by politicians, rather…

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