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Practice staff grading

September 16, 2019, by in Opinion, Salary, Staff


This is the first article in a series of three looking at grading practice staff salaries.  What’s a job worth? I tend to adopt a simple approach to judging what salary a job is worth. My approach is partly based on knowledge of NHS grades and salaries, and partly based on common sense. The NHS

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A date with data security – by Nicola Davies

September 12, 2019, by in Data, DSP Toolkit, Opinion


I got a little nudge yesterday from our Data Quality team to check on my progress with the DSP Toolkit – or to give it its proper name – ‘The Data Security and Protection Toolkit’. Rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?! This was previously known as the Information Governance Toolkit, but obviously we’d had that

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Can an employer refuse a request for annual leave?

Annual leave entitlement and bank holidays Looking at the leave entitlement data given on threads such as here on the Practice Index forum earlier this year, it seems that only 25% of practices offered 28 days’ leave including bank holidays. Some 28% offered 25 days plus bank holidays, and 22% offered 27 days plus bank

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Does your practice publish its pay scales?

Under the Equality Act 2010, an employee has the right to compare salaries with others to establish differences in pay Having worked in the general practice side of National Health Service administration, either in a local health organisation or in general practice since the mid 1960s, I’m used to seeing salary scales published annually. Prior

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The driving seat – Is it still uncomfortable?

Having spent some time recently back in the driving seat, after a few years of being at home on the range, I realised that while the workload is changing all the time, the attitude of employers towards their staff and their practice managers hasn’t changed much at all. My concern has always been the salary

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Employing locums – is it really the solution?

Firstly, I should say that locums come in many forms, not just doctors. I’ve recently come across a locum practice manager, a locum nurse practitioner as well as a locum healthcare assistant, a locum pharmacist and even agency reception and secretarial staff, all of whom were highly skilled and beneficial to the practice. However, all

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Is time on your side?

In the driving seat Having spent some time back in the driving seat recently in a busy practice, after a few years of being at home on the ranch, I realised that whilst the workload is changing all the time, I suspect that the employers’ attitude to their staff and their practice managers hasn’t changed

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