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The season of goodwill? – PM Polly

December 17, 2018, by in Christmas, Funny


The season of good will? - PM Polly

All together now. In your best ‘Band Aid’ singing voice… It’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid  Stop. Right there. Actually, there are a lot of things to be afraid of. Be afraid of some of the following as we run up to Christmas… The GP’s ‘dance moves’ at the office do.

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The rules of the Christmas Party – PM Polly

December 12, 2018, by in Christmas, Funny

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What happened to the Christmas Spirit?! - Nicola Davies

On the basis of last year – please note the following: 1) Diane, you can’t take an extra big bag into the restaurant to hide your bottle of Lambrusco. 2) Dr Kelly – it is not acceptable to steal the Christmas tree from outside the hotel or to take it home in the taxi. 3)

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Christmas all wrapped up

November 9, 2017, by in Christmas


Christmas all wrapped up

Retailers are stacking their shelves with products we wouldn’t normally dream of buying, the debate about tins of sweets getting smaller have resurfaced and John Lewis has previewed its latest ad – all signs that Christmas is just around the corner!

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The Twelve Days of a Practice Christmas

December 16, 2016, by in Christmas, Funny


On the first day of Christmas the Partners sent to me: A log-in for the HSCIC On the second day of Christmas the Partners sent to me: 2 SEA forms and a log-in for the HSCIC On the third day of Christmas the Partners sent to me: 3 EMIS errors 2 SEA forms and a

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Practice Manager etiquette at work parties – PM Polly

December 13, 2016, by in Christmas, Staff


Practice Manager etiquette at work parties

Did you know there is a guide to attending work parties when you are a practice manager? Did you? No, neither did I. However, I have learnt these rules over the last few years, at a cost to myself obviously. The rules go something like this. You can never ever say NO to an event. 

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The dreaded Christmas ‘do’ – PM Polly

December 8, 2016, by in Christmas, Staff


The dreaded Christmas ‘do’.

When applying to become practice manager, instead of asking the future employee to do a presentation on coping with the strains of a changing population or how to manage a practice with limited resources, along with a stampede at the door… there’s a much better question that could be asked and one that will be

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Just For Fun – Some Christmas Cheer for the Surgery

December 22, 2015, by in Christmas, Funny


Christmas Cheer

Share by email or pin (discreetly) on the office noticeboard if your team need a little pick me up. Go on – it’s Christmas! ‘Doctor, doctor, can I have second opinion?’ ‘Certainly. Come back tomorrow!’ ‘Doctor, doctor, I keep seeing images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!’ ‘I see, and how long have you been

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