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Getting hold of flu vaccines by Nicola Davies

At the time of writing this blog, I’m at home – unfortunately I do not have my feet up holding a G&T because (a) it’s 08:30am and that would be ridiculous and (b) this is a vain attempt to get ahead and do some work in the relatively peaceful confines of my office/spare bedroom. I

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I WILL enjoy myself, when I eventually switch off – By Nicola Davies

May 16, 2019, by in Funny, Holidays


I WILL enjoy myself, when I eventually switch off - By Nicola Davies

By Nicola Davies As I write this, I am hastily trying to finish off last minute bits and pieces before I go on leave for a full week. I know, a week! What am I thinking?! It’s such a full on time at the moment – if I’m not looking at Network stuff, I’m dealing

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Riding the roller coaster of practice management – PM Polly

May 9, 2019, by in Funny


I think I’ve come up with a great idea – a theme park based on a doctor’s surgery. I’d call the theme park ‘Bizzy Land’. In Bizzy Land, everyone is… busy. Get it? In Bizzy Land, there’s space for a thousand people in the park, but two thousand people try to get in every day.

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Waiting for the computer to whirr up… – PM Polly

February 28, 2019, by in Emails, Funny


Waiting for the computer to whirr up…

PM Polly As I sit at my desk and wait for the computer tower to whirr up and for the monitor to flash the familiar ctrl alt del in order that I can log on. The sweat on my palms begins to fight through creating a tiny glint on my pale skin, despite it being

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HR Blog: Most Bizarre/Amusing Cases

HR Blog: Most Bizarre/Amusing Cases

By Robyn Jackson I’m sure most practice managers have come across some hilarious HR cases in their time, and I’ve certainly had my fair share! Having worked in HR departments in large hospital trusts as well as community providers (and a brief stint in the education sector which had me running for the hills!), I’m

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To be an appointment or not to be!

A full-time (9 sessions per week) GP might offer 135 appointments per week  based on a 10-minute consultation. This is a personal view of why there are never enough appointments. Have you ever thought about how many appointments have been lost in your practice over the years? It’s quite complicated and for both new and

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Diary of a Practice Manager – Dottie Trufflebottom

Diary of a Practice Manager

By Dottie Trufflebottom Monday –  why does Monday come round so quickly? Arrived in office to find a complaint that our website has got too much information on it. How am I supposed to respond to that? Lunchtime meeting with the partners – for once, we stick to the agenda, start and finish on time and

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