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PM Polly

PM Polly

Experienced Practice Manager doing my best to stay sane.

Rota Management – By PM Polly

colorful pushpins on white calendar clsoe up, shallow dof

I spotted an advertisement recently and contacted a software company that said they could help me with the HR side of my role by providing some automatic rota software. My eyes widened with excitement. No more sweating over a cold cup of coffee with Excel drilling holes in my already tired eyes. This software apparently…

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That one – by PM Polly

April 22, 2021, by in Funny, Staff 12 Comments

Stressed and frustrated business woman asking for help at work. Cartoon vector illustration

There’s always one, isn’t there? You know, ‘that’ one. THE one employee. The moaner, the whinger, the one who smiles to your face but complains to everyone else and then smiles to your face again. You may read this and think, ‘Lucky thing! You only have one!’ And I do count myself lucky but I…

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A holiday? By PM Polly

April 15, 2021, by in Funny, Opinion 7 Comments

Ringing Red Telephone

What bank holidays mean to the rest of the nation: Time off Lie-ins Gardening Walks Sunshine (hopefully) Beach trips Picnics Take-outs Relaxing Reading DIY Going to the park Enjoying a bike ride Camping A short break away What the public think the bank holiday means for anyone working in a GP practice: NONE OF THE…

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Can you just…? – By PM Polly

March 25, 2021, by in Funny 9 Comments

Mug With tea and steam in a flat style - vector clipart.

Do you ever get asked to do a petty task that really infuriates you? My ‘favourite’ was when a note was left in my tray by ‘Anonymous’. Anonymous had asked me to put together a tea rota for the admin team. A tea rota. Like life is so difficult that even being able to make…

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‘That’ type of patient – by PM Polly

March 11, 2021, by in Funny 11 Comments

Patients waiting for doctor at front of exam room in hospital, Health care and medicalin flat design Vector illustration.

I received a complaint the other day mentioning that I’d seen the patient in a local supermarket and had raised my voice at her (over the bananas, I presume), telling her off for missing an appointment. There were two things here that rang alarm bells. Firstly, I’d never heard of this patient, and we all…

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Praise and adulation by PM Polly

February 18, 2021, by in Funny, GP Practice Management 0 Comments

Child's thank you and rainbow painting on door for Coronavirus

I’m revelling at the moment, revelling in the praise and recognition. Patients everywhere, so happy with the roll-out of vaccines. Sometimes crying with happiness. Patients treating us like heroes. I think I should be feeling sickly about it; I should be being modest. I should be saying, “It’s nothing; you’re our patients. We’re here for…

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2021: Let’s be having you! – By PM Polly

Man is writing 2021 goals for new year resolutions plan.

My stomach lurched last weekend as I prepared myself for ‘getting back to work’. Although I’d actually only had one day off over the holidays, there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach as if I’d chewed up a disposable mask and it was sitting there, churning. In a lame attempt to better…

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