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PM Polly

PM Polly

Experienced Practice Manager doing my best to stay sane.

Praise and adulation by PM Polly

February 18, 2021, by in Funny, GP Practice Management 0 Comments

Child's thank you and rainbow painting on door for Coronavirus

I’m revelling at the moment, revelling in the praise and recognition. Patients everywhere, so happy with the roll-out of vaccines. Sometimes crying with happiness. Patients treating us like heroes. I think I should be feeling sickly about it; I should be being modest. I should be saying, “It’s nothing; you’re our patients. We’re here for…

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2021: Let’s be having you! – By PM Polly

Man is writing 2021 goals for new year resolutions plan.

My stomach lurched last weekend as I prepared myself for ‘getting back to work’. Although I’d actually only had one day off over the holidays, there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach as if I’d chewed up a disposable mask and it was sitting there, churning. In a lame attempt to better…

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The 12 days of practice management at Christmas – by PM Polly

December 17, 2020, by in Funny, General Practice 5 Comments

business woman businesswoman freelancer tired, asleep working at computer at Christmas

On the first day of Christmas My receptionist sent to me A sick note as she was poorly. On the second day of Christmas My practice nurse sent to me Two patient tasks, And a sick note as she was poorly. On the third day of Christmas My healthcare worker sent to me Three new…

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You’re telling me this why?! – By PM Polly


I have many, many moments during the day when staff members come in to see me, ring me or just tell me as I’m walking down the corridor something that makes me think internally, ‘You’re telling me this why?!’ Externally, of course, I smile and politely try and point them, very nicely, in the direction of: ‘You could really manage to…

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Busy? By PM Polly

November 12, 2020, by in Funny, GP Practice Management 10 Comments

Multitasking business woman or manager with several hands flat vector illustration.

On a Saturday morning, I like to lie in until, oooooh, at least 7.30. I take this time to catch up on ‘life’. By that, I mean scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. A bit of escapism. Sadly, as I was scrolling recently, I came across a post about the local GP surgery on one…

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Things I never thought I’d be saying in work in 2020 – By PM Polly

October 29, 2020, by in Funny, GP Practice Management 4 Comments

Smiling young healthy mixed race female colleagues wearing facial medical masks greeting each other by bumping elbows gesture at workplace keeping social distance, preventing spreading covid19 virus.

As the clock struck midnight, taking us into 2020, never would I have thought, as a practice manager, I’d be saying any of these phrases this year! “You can’t come into the surgery unless you’re wearing a mask.” “For the fourth time today, Teresa, the mask goes OVER your nose.” “Sally, stop baking cakes –…

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Flu season 2020 – by PM Polly

Flu Season

Sometimes I feel like I must be Bobby Ewing from the 80s’ American soap opera ‘Dallas’. If you’re too young to remember, after a particularly bad few months, when during the storyline he’d actually died, the viewer was taken back to a scene in the shower where, thankfully, the last few months had all been…

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