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PM Polly

PM Polly

Experienced Practice Manager doing my best to stay sane.

Flu season 2020 – by PM Polly

Sometimes I feel like I must be Bobby Ewing from the 80s’ American soap opera ‘Dallas’. If you’re too young to remember, after a particularly bad few months, when during the storyline he’d actually died, the viewer was taken back to a scene in the shower where, thankfully, the last few months had all been

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“I’m fine, thank you” by PM Polly

September 3, 2020, by in Funny, GP Practice Management


I’ve turned into ‘that’ patient. The one who sits in the waiting room (remember those days?) and bumps into someone they know. “How are you?” the friend asks.  “Fine, thank you,” the patient replies.  “How are you?” the patients asks.  The friend replies, “Fine, thank you.” That’s what I’ve turned into, whenever someone asks me how I

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The holiday bookers in our practice – By PM Polly

August 20, 2020, by in Funny, Practice Life


In March, I walked back into work feeling refreshed from my beautiful cruise around the coast of Egypt. The smell of sand and sea completely vanished when I set foot through the practice doors. It was replaced by the odour of hand sanitiser. Of course I’d already had contact with the staff during my time

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Riding the roller coaster of practice management – PM Polly

May 9, 2019, by in Funny


I think I’ve come up with a great idea – a theme park based on a doctor’s surgery. I’d call the theme park ‘Bizzy Land’. In Bizzy Land, everyone is… busy. Get it? In Bizzy Land, there’s space for a thousand people in the park, but two thousand people try to get in every day.

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Room 101 – The fax machine

April 11, 2019, by in Room 101


Room 101 - Fax machine

PM Polly What from your surgery would you throw in? Now, now – Julie on reception is not allowed (though we’d all like to at times wouldn’t we!). I’ve been asked to go first, “PM Polly”, James said – “of everything that you work with – what is it you’d most like to get rid

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Waiting for the computer to whirr up… – PM Polly

February 28, 2019, by in Emails, Funny


PM Polly As I sit at my desk and wait for the computer tower to whirr up and for the monitor to flash the familiar ctrl alt del in order that I can log on. The sweat on my palms begins to fight through creating a tiny glint on my pale skin, despite it being

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One thing I forgot to do before becoming a practice manager – PM Polly

January 10, 2019, by in Funny


There’s one thing I forgot to do before becoming a practice manager. It was rather remiss of me. Naive even. I did remember to come into the job with HR experience, project management and governance knowledge. I even brushed up with a health and safety course, some safeguarding training and CPR. What I forgot to complete before

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