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Flu season 2020 – by PM Polly

Flu Season

Sometimes I feel like I must be Bobby Ewing from the 80s’ American soap opera ‘Dallas’. If you’re too young to remember, after a particularly bad few months, when during the storyline he’d actually died, the viewer was taken back to a scene in the shower where, thankfully, the last few months had all been…

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“I’m fine, thank you” by PM Polly

September 3, 2020, by in Funny, GP Practice Management 12 Comments

Tired and exhousted business woman with ringbinders

I’ve turned into ‘that’ patient. The one who sits in the waiting room (remember those days?) and bumps into someone they know. “How are you?” the friend asks.  “Fine, thank you,” the patient replies.  “How are you?” the patients asks.  The friend replies, “Fine, thank you.” That’s what I’ve turned into, whenever someone asks me how I…

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The holiday bookers in our practice – By PM Polly

August 20, 2020, by in Funny, Practice Life 8 Comments

Straw hat with sunglasses and cocktail on sand beach. Summer Holidays concept

In March, I walked back into work feeling refreshed from my beautiful cruise around the coast of Egypt. The smell of sand and sea completely vanished when I set foot through the practice doors. It was replaced by the odour of hand sanitiser. Of course I’d already had contact with the staff during my time…

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Are we ALL getting a little more intolerant? – by Nicola Davies


Are we ALL getting a little more intolerant? Or is it just those of us over-50s who are going through certain hormonal changes – menopause starts with the prefix ‘MEN’ for a reason you know! We’ve had more patients who are irritated with the service than ever before and I can’t see that improving to…

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Looking ahead to 2020 – by Nicola Davies

Handwriting text 2020 Loading. Conceptual photo Advertising the upcoming year Forecasting the future event Thick pages notebook stationary placed above classic look wooden backdrop

At the start of a new year, I always get a little reflective on the past year. What have I achieved? Could I do better? Definitely is the answer to that one! What should I have done that I didn’t? You know how it goes. I drove into work thinking about all the jobs that…

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“Dear Father Christmas” – A wish list from a practice manager (and a reply from a marketing-savvy Santa!)

December 17, 2019, by in Funny 2 Comments

Person taking notes with Christmas ideas in her textbook

Dear Santa, No word of a lie, the entire team at our surgery have been REALLY good ALL year through. So good, in fact, that our patients are really happy with us (83.8% of patients describe their overall GP experience as ‘good’). So, it’s safe to say that we’re on your ‘nice list’ and definitely in…

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Getting hold of flu vaccines by Nicola Davies

Flu Season Ahead Caution Sign With Blue Sky Background

At the time of writing this blog, I’m at home – unfortunately I do not have my feet up holding a G&T because (a) it’s 08:30am and that would be ridiculous and (b) this is a vain attempt to get ahead and do some work in the relatively peaceful confines of my office/spare bedroom. I…

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