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The rules of the Christmas Party – PM Polly

by in Christmas, Funny

On the basis of last year – please note the following:

1) Diane, you can’t take an extra big bag into the restaurant to hide your bottle of Lambrusco.

2) Dr Kelly – it is not acceptable to steal the Christmas tree from outside the hotel or to take it home in the taxi.

3) Nurse Ann – to save your own embarrassment perhaps you should refrain from telling everyone about your husbands piercing, ‘there’?

4) It is not acceptable to perform impressions of patients on the dance floor.

5) Jen – if you want Bollinger instead of Beaujolais please buy your own next time, you still owe us £250.

6) Dr Butler – please note the dress code for next year, a Christmas mankini just puts people off their pigs in blankets.

7) Christine – it’s a party, the whole idea is that we are meant to have fun – please feel free to bring a smile this year.

8) Try to remember that some of you have a partner, even when you’ve had seven drinks. Hopefully Laura’s husband Big Tony won’t attempt to dislodge Dr Thomas’s teeth again this year.

9) Taxis should be arranged in advance, it is not considered a good reflection on the practice to ring the local police demanding a lift home.

10) Photos taken during the party should not be shared on social media, the GMC investigation due to the circulation of the picture of Dr Richards and the pantomime donkey remain ongoing.

Thank you

Dr Richards


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One Response to “The rules of the Christmas Party – PM Polly”
  1. Avatar
    Carey Says:

    Polly, you always cheer me up! This is so like our practice, I have copied it for our Christmas party, changing the names, even the mankini!!! (picture supplied if needed) Thank you and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas


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