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Author Archives | Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies

Practice Manager regularly ranting about the NHS. 35 years in Primary Care and still getting irritated by constant change for change sake!

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) – A force to be reckoned with – by Nicola Davies


In the middle of October I participated in a podcast discussing the low morale in primary care, how everyone had just about had enough of the 6.30 am TV appearance of Matt Hancock telling Joe Public that primary care was going to be doing X, Y and Z today… and yet we had no clue…

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This is not so much a rant, more a ‘call to arms’ – By Nicola Davies

Group of business workers working together. Partners stressing one of them at the office

Earlier this week on the forum, there was an anonymous post from one of our colleagues asking if they “should stay or go”. Alarmingly, there were a number of comments posted saying that they too were going, or would be going shortly. This made me incredibly sad at the rapid exodus of good, solid managers…

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Flu clinics, weight loss and bicycles – by Nicola Davies

Cycling or commuting in city urban environment, ecological transportation concept.

Because of the COVID pandemic, and generally being busier than ever trying to weave my way through the myriad of directives from NHS England, our local CCG and the council, I’ve not really had time to lose my rag, which is quite something. However, in the last 48 hours or so, I have literally boiled…

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This too shall pass – By Nicola Davies

Handwritten thank you to our NHS heroes sign on brick wall

Well, haven’t we all had a few interesting weeks! What started out for some as “it’s only like flu, don’t panic”, has rapidly become akin to the Great Plague with Joe Public wearing masks and gloves while doing the supermarket shop (I’m saying nothing about the absolutely appalling behaviour of some panic-buying as that’s a…

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Are we ALL getting a little more intolerant? – by Nicola Davies


Are we ALL getting a little more intolerant? Or is it just those of us over-50s who are going through certain hormonal changes – menopause starts with the prefix ‘MEN’ for a reason you know! We’ve had more patients who are irritated with the service than ever before and I can’t see that improving to…

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Looking ahead to 2020 – by Nicola Davies

Handwriting text 2020 Loading. Conceptual photo Advertising the upcoming year Forecasting the future event Thick pages notebook stationary placed above classic look wooden backdrop

At the start of a new year, I always get a little reflective on the past year. What have I achieved? Could I do better? Definitely is the answer to that one! What should I have done that I didn’t? You know how it goes. I drove into work thinking about all the jobs that…

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Getting hold of flu vaccines by Nicola Davies

Flu Season Ahead Caution Sign With Blue Sky Background

At the time of writing this blog, I’m at home – unfortunately I do not have my feet up holding a G&T because (a) it’s 08:30am and that would be ridiculous and (b) this is a vain attempt to get ahead and do some work in the relatively peaceful confines of my office/spare bedroom. I…

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