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Double the flu clinics… Is it wishful thinking? – Paula the PM

Having scoured the gov.uk website, so far I can’t see anything about planned changes to the flu vaccination campaign this year. That said, I did find this document which provides some clues about the way things might develop. I’ve deliberated before over what the flu season might look like this year. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage to secure any

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Managing the ‘biggest flu vaccination programme in history’

This year’s flu vaccination season looks set to be the most important one in recent memory – and probably the most complex practice managers will have experienced. With the threat of a catastrophic second wave of Covid-19 infections hanging over the health service, ensuring as many people as possible receive the required vaccination is critical.

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Flu vaccination panic, and where do I go from here? – Paula the PM

I read an article in Pulse today which made my blood run cold. It appears that the rumours circulating about the extension of the flu vaccination programme might be more than just stories, with some PM colleagues reporting that their CCGs have asked them whether they can vaccinate all the over 50s. If I ruled

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Getting hold of flu vaccines by Nicola Davies

At the time of writing this blog, I’m at home – unfortunately I do not have my feet up holding a G&T because (a) it’s 08:30am and that would be ridiculous and (b) this is a vain attempt to get ahead and do some work in the relatively peaceful confines of my office/spare bedroom. I

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Know your QIV from your TIV? – PM Polly

October 30, 2018, by in Flu, Funny, Opinion


Know your QIV from your TIV? - PM Polly

By PM Polly The time of year has arrived where I can no longer resist temptation and I have to buy myself yet another woolly hat.  This one is red, a slightly different shade of red to the other… red woolly hat I own.  It’s also the time of year where my wardrobe appears to

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NEWS: Practices advised on flu vaccine shortages


Senior GPs have teamed up to reject rumours of flu vaccine shortages. GPs have explained that elderly patients may have to wait for the new adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccine because of the time taken to produce the new vaccine. Shortages at early autumn clinics have sparked rumours that many people will miss out on vaccination.

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Everybody was kung-flu fighting, those bugs were as fast as lightning!

Okay, it may not be the best title for a blog and you’ll have to be of a certain age to get it (and if you do, you’ll probably be humming the tune!) but it’s that time of year again when practices are preparing for flu season and hopefully putting the wind behind the sails

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