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NEWS: GP flu jab notifications expanded


An improved notification system will be in place this year, alerting practices to which patients have received the flu vaccination, it has been announced. The service, created by NHS Digital, sends the information electronically from pharmacies to GP practices. NHS Digital reported on Monday (30 December) that it has been expanded ahead of this winter,…

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NEWS: Practices halt flu vaccine outreach in NI as supplies run low


Practices in Northern Ireland have been told to cease giving flu vaccines to patients under 65s because of “phenomenal” demand. Practices have been running clinics in church halls, community centres and car parks to comply with the government plan to extend the vaccination campaign this year. In common with other parts of the UK, the…

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A good news flu story

Small drug vial with influenza vaccine

It’s flu season, yay! Not yay really… As a PM, I used to loathe flu season with its enormous amount of work, including juggling staff, patients and of course vaccine deliveries, hoping your reception team wouldn’t forget to put the vaccines in the fridge, despite this being tattooed on their foreheads. Somehow, I still felt…

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Flu season 2020 – by PM Polly

Flu Season

Sometimes I feel like I must be Bobby Ewing from the 80s’ American soap opera ‘Dallas’. If you’re too young to remember, after a particularly bad few months, when during the storyline he’d actually died, the viewer was taken back to a scene in the shower where, thankfully, the last few months had all been…

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The Practice Index Podcast: Episode one – A pragmatic approach to flu

Vaccine vial dose flu shot drug needle syringe,medical concept vaccination hypodermic injection on blue background

I was really excited when James from Practice Index approached me with the idea of a ‘practice manager panel’ where we could discuss topical issues on the podcast.  The practice manager voice hasn’t always been as strong as it could be on the General Practice podcast, and this was the perfect opportunity to put that…

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Double the flu clinics… Is it wishful thinking? – Paula the PM

Flu awareness campaign banner. Design illustration

Having scoured the gov.uk website, so far I can’t see anything about planned changes to the flu vaccination campaign this year. That said, I did find this document which provides some clues about the way things might develop. I’ve deliberated before over what the flu season might look like this year. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage to secure any…

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Managing the ‘biggest flu vaccination programme in history’

Healthcare concept with a hand in blue medical gloves holding Flu, Influenza, vaccine vial

This year’s flu vaccination season looks set to be the most important one in recent memory – and probably the most complex practice managers will have experienced. With the threat of a catastrophic second wave of Covid-19 infections hanging over the health service, ensuring as many people as possible receive the required vaccination is critical.…

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