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A small(ish) rant by Nicola Hayward

Well, there’s plenty enough for me to get annoyed this week (for a change!).  We all know that end of March/beginning of April is when the madness descends. End of year to sort, QOF figures to be finalised (meaning we’ve spent most of March ramming patients in left, right and centre) staff being on holiday

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The Practice Manager Development Fund interview with Dr Robert Varnam

Dr Robert Varnam interview - The Practice Manager Development Fund

At the start of the year we asked our members to post questions for an interview with Dr Robert Varnam (Director of General Practice Development at NHS England). We had an excellent response, and here is the interview!

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Practices fight back

February 9, 2017, by in Government, GPs, Salary


Practices fight back

A number of practices are fighting back against rules imposed to make them publish details of their GP earnings. In April 2015, it became a contractual requirement for practices to publish on their practice website by the end of the financial year (i.e. 31 March 2016) the mean earnings for all GPs in their practice

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CQC fee increases – the consultation is underway

November 3, 2016, by in CQC, Government


One of the big talking points of recent weeks has undoubtedly been the hefty increase in CQC inspection fees. In a nutshell, the proposals would mean fees for an average-sized GP practice with 5,001-10,000 patients increase by almost £2,000, to £4,500. What’s more, an article in Pulse says that the Department of Health has been

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What would you spend £6m on?

Back in April, the NHS announced details of its General Practice Forward View, an outline of how it would like the country’s practices to develop. Included within that was a promise to deliver £6 million on the development of practice managers. The question of what that money should be spent on came to the fore

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The Forward View – clear or cloudy?

April 21, 2016, by in Funding, Government, GPs

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The Forward View – clear or cloudy

The big news this week was the long-awaited announcement by the NHS of its big-money rescue plan for general practice. In what has been called the “most significant announcement for our profession since the 1960s”, spending on general practice is to increase by £2.4 billion a year by 2021 – a 14% increase in real

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Can we all just say no to CQC?

November 12, 2015, by in CQC, Government


Say no to the CQC?

Guest post by Practice Manager Nicola Hayward. This has got to be the mother of all rants possible… if I say those three little letters C, Q and C, do your hackles automatically rise? Does your blood pressure go up by 100? Does that vein in your neck start to pulsate with rage?! I’ve read this

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