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Dwysan Rowena

Dwysan Rowena

Welsh Practice Manager

Can IT get much worse? – Wales

February 7, 2018, by in EMIS, IT & Technology, Wales


Can IT get much worse? - Wales

In Wales we pretty much have the same problems as the rest of you.  We have GP shortages. We have ANP shortages.  We have complaints about appointments and the lack of.  We have limited resources.  We have pressures about what we prescribe.  We are told off about A&E attendance levels.  We have staff sickness.  We have hundreds of people with the flu.  We have targets.  We have QOF.

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Are receptionists virtually disappearing?

Are receptionists virtually disappearing

There’s a lot of discussion lately about streaming services and becoming more modern.  Most practices have taken on the ability to text patients and have a snazzy website, many offer online appointments and some also orgnaise virtual patient participant groups. There is also now software around that almost removes the receptionist altogether when it comes

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What’s it like being a PM in Wales?

February 4, 2016, by in Practice Life, Wales

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What's it like being a PM in Wales?

Wales. That tiny bit that juts out to the left of England. We do get out backs up a bit about being left out. Everyone knows Tom Jones and Shakin Stevens but what about our football team or cricketers?! When we receive our various emails about general practice we are bombarded about CQC. In Wales

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