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GP Practice Manager Acronyms

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GP Practice Manager AcronymsThe NHS especially like to have an acronym for everything! A practice manager has a lot of abbreviations and acronyms to remember in his/her day to day running of the practice, especially when talking to GPs.

Please feel free to add to the list.


ACAS – Advisory, Conciliation and Advisory Service:  organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment issues www.acas.org.uk

AFC – Agenda for Change: National pay and conditions system for NHS Staff, replaced the Whitley Council system

AQP / AWP – Any Qualified Provider and  Any Willing Provider:  terms used in NHS Commissioning

AMSPAR – Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists : membership and training organisation for practice staff www.amspar.com

APMS – Alternative Provider Medical Services: PMS contract but with a non-NHS provider subject to tender



BMA – British Medical Association: Represents GP interests and negotiates GP pay www.bma.org



CAB / C&B – Choose and Book: Choose and Book  is a national electronic referral service which gives patients a choice of place, date and time for their hospital appointment www.chooseandbook.nhs.uk

CCG – Clinical Commissioning Group: GP group formed locally to commission secondary care services which replaces Primary Care Trusts. Formed by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to replace Primary Care Trusts, they help to deliver NHS services.

CG – Caldicott Guardian: Senior Person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of patient data

CMHT – Community Mental Health Team

COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health: Legislation that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health

CQC – Care Quality Commission: Body carrying out inspections of GP Practices www.cqc.org.uk

CQRS – Calculating Quality Reporting Service: Extracts information from GP clinical software, Successor to QOF



DBS – Disclosure and Barring Service: Formerly CRB, the Criminal Records Bureau.

DES – Directed Enhanced Services: National payments system for ‘additional’ services provided by a practice

DH – Department of Health www.gov.uk



EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EHR – Electronic Health Record

ePACT – Electronic Prescribing Analysis and Costing Tool:  Providing prescribing reports to GP Practices by the NHSBSA formerly PPA

EPR – Electronic Patient Record

EPS  – Electronic Prescription Service: Now being introduced in NHS England to issue prescriptions direct to a chosen pharmacy

EMIS – Egton Medical Information Systems : GP clinical software supplier



FHSA – Family Health Services Authority:  Successor to FPC

FPC – Family Practitioner Committee:  Forerunner to FHSA and NHS Executive Council.



GMC – General Medical Council: National registration body for doctors www.gmc-uk.org

GMS – General Medical Services:  Type of GP payments contract agreed nationally

GP – General Practitioner (Doctors) or General Practice (The Suregry).

GPC – General Practice Committee (BMA)

GPES – General Practice Extraction Service: System to extract data from GP clinical systems

GPPCS – GP Payments Calculation Service (Open Exeter)



HES – Hospital Episodes Statistics

HSE – Health and Safety Executive:  www.hse.gov.uk see  also COSHH and RIDDOR



IT – Information Technology



KSF – Key Skills Framework: Used to allocate Grades to posts as part of Agenda for Change



LES – Locally Enhanced Services: Local payment system for additional services provided by a practice

LMC – Local Medical Committee: Professional body representing GP’s locally

LPC – Local Pharmaceutical Committee: Professional body representing local pharmacists



MDU – Medical Defence Union – Provides medical indemnity cover for GPs along with legal support www.themdu.com

MIMS – Monthly Index of Medical Specialties: List and prices of prescribed drugs

MPS – Medical Protection Society: Provides medical indemnity cover for GPs along with legal support  www.medicalprotection.org/uk



NHS – National Health Service (established in 1948)

NHSCR – National Health Service Central Register

NHSE – National Health Service Executive – governing arm of the NHS

NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NPSA – National Patient Safety Agency

NSF – National Service Framework



OOH – Out of Hours: GP services provided from 18:30 to 8:00

OPCS – Office for Population Censuses and Surveys Classification of Surgical Operations and Procedures



PALS – Patient Advisory and Liaison Service

PAS – Patient Administration System

PBC – Practice Based Commissioning

PCO – Primary Care Organisation

PCT – Primary Care Trust: Local management of family practitioner services, now responsibilities split between NHS England area team and local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Replaced by CCQ in 2012.

PCG – Primary Care Group: Successor to FHSA

PFI  – Private Finance Initiative: Funding system used for NHS premises

PHE – Public Health England

PMS – Personal Medical Services: Type of GP payment contract agreed locally

PPA – Prescription Pricing Authority:  Now known as Business Services Authority, also Prescription Pricing Division provides medical indemnity cover for GPs along with legal support and Prescription Pricing Services www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/PrescriptionServices

PPG – Patient Participation Group: Sometimes called a Patient Reference Group (RRG)

PRIMIS – Primary Care Information Services (medical computer support group, England): PRIMIS tools, training and consultancy enable GP practices to access and use patient data to improve clinical performance and the accuracy of their patient records.



QIPP – Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention: System of collecting clinical data

QOF – Quality Outcomes Framework: Payments systems for GPs managed by entering patient data using READ Codes

QMAS – Quality Management and Analysis System; replaced by GPES

QRISK2 (the most recent version of QRISK) – A prediction algorithm for cardiovascular disease that uses traditional risk factors together with body mass index, ethnicity, measures of deprivation, family history, chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and antihypertensive treatment.



RCGP – Royal College of General Practitioners: professional membership body for UK GPs www.rcgp.org.uk

READ Codes – not an acronym, but a clinical coding system created by Dr John Read used in GP clinical systems – see SNOMED

RCN – Royal College of Nurses: Organisation representing nurses and nursing in the UK www.rcn.org.uk

RIDDOR – Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations



SCR – Summary Care Record

SHA – Strategic Health Authority

SNOMED Codes – Systemised Nomenclature of Medicine: Clinical Terms



TLA – Three Letter Acronyms

TUPE – Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employment Regulations



UBRN – Unique Booking Reference Number; used for Choose and Book referrals



WTE – Whole Time Equivalent

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