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Staying Healthy at Work in the Health Sector – 1 coffee a day?

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Staying Healthy at Work in the Health Sector - 1 coffee a day?

Staying Healthy in the Health Sector

Ironically for a job in this industry, it can be quite a challenge to stay well in a job like this. You’re busy juggling priorities and people from the moment you start work to the minute you walk out the door, and who knows what (or who) else you’re juggling at home! Let us share a few simple tips and tricks with you on how to stay feeling tip-top when you’re rushed off your feet all day.

Eat Breakfast

It’s the oldest trick in the book but we say it for a very good reason. You cannot expect to keep those important energy levels up till lunchtime if you’re running on empty all morning. Choose a healthy breakfast with slow-releasing energy like porridge and fruit or poached egg on a toasted muffin and you’re less likely to be raiding the biscuit tin at 10.30 – or snapping at your poor colleagues! And make sure it’s quality fuel, too – avoid sugary cereals and processed white bread for toast if you can. We love protein pancakes with blueberries and agave syrup for an extra healthy kick that’s low GI, high in protein and big on superfood goodness – just Google a recipe.

Ditch the Coffees

Try to limit your consumption to one decent coffee a day if you really need your caffeine fix, and make it organic if you can – it’s less toxic and goes easier on your system. Rooibos tea is a great decaf alternative to your normal brew, and it’s also full of powerful antioxidants. Caffeine simply isn’t the answer to getting things done quicker at work – that rush you get from your cappuccino or can of pop triggers a stress response that’s not good for you long term.

Stay Hydrated

Ever come home with a banging headache and wonder what’s caused it? As a practice manager, it could be any number of stressors to be honest, but don’t let dehydration be one of them. Invest in a large refillable water bottle – you can even get them with built in filters if that takes your fancy – and make sure that you’re refilling it by lunchtime and taking it home empty at the end of the day. Aim for one with a capacity between 650ml and a litre, and make sure you’re gulping down at least another couple of glasses at home.

Do you have any cheats, tips or recipes for keeping healthy on the go? Drop us a comment below and we’ll share your best ones!

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