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QOF plotter (SystmOne) – Handy tool for deadline day!

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It’s QOF deadline and practice managers around the country are working tirelessly to cram in those last few patients to really maximise the QOF points for all of last year’s hard work.

We know how important QOF is to practice managers, and if you’re on SystmOne, we’ve got a fantastic tool that will help you identify those last few patients you need to reach in these last moments.

Simply download the QOF Plotter [PLUS] and paste in your end of year SysmOne report. Our clever tool will instantly highlight which cohorts need a few more patients, and, most importantly, the EXACT amount of patients left to reach in order to get the points.

Imagine a cohort of 500 patients, in an indicator requiring 90% to achieve the full points. You’ve achieved 449 so far, and SystmOne will tell you there are 51 patients left to find – seems like an impossible task on the last working day before the deadline right?!

BUT our plotter will show you in an easy to read layout that you actually only need 1 PATIENT to get the full points!

In fact it’s a great tool to use all year round as it gives you a graphic representation of progress, and handy graphs demonstrate how you’ve managed QOF over time. However, in these last crucial hours, it can be a really useful tool to hone in on those last few patients to really maximise your QOF.

Quick video on how the QOF plotter works.

Download the QOF plotter [PLUS].

Happy Easter / Happy QOF weekend!


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