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Numed Healthcare has more than 30 years’ experience in providing healthcare equipment. Numed Healthcare supplies integrated 12-lead ECG, ABPM and spirometry devices, digital signage solutions and other medical supplies.
They are a family-run business and they are fully aware of the ever-increasing demands that are being placed on GP practices.
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Numed Healthcare

Alliance House

Roman Ridge Road


S9 1GB


0114 2433896


Integrated Diagnostic Solutions 

Numed Healthcare supplies and supports a variety of 12-lead ECG, ABPM and spirometry solutions that integrate perfectly with the EMIS, TPP SystmOne and InPS Vision GP clinical systems.

Using their unique I3 integration, a patient’s details can be taken automatically from the clinical system and entered into the diagnostic test software at the beginning of the test. Once the test is completed, all the required Read codes and test reports (in PDF format) are filed back to the patient’s medical record pressing one button. Performing ECG, ABPM and Spirometry tests has never been easier.

All of Numed Healthcare’s I3 diagnostic solutions are backed by benefits such as:

  • Full installation of your new device on as many PCs as you need
  • A range of training options to assist you in getting the most out of your new equipment
  • Skilled technical support if you have any problems
  • A full aftercare service to ensure your service is always effective and efficient

For further details about their I3 integrated diagnostic solutions, please see:

Envisage by Numed


Envisage is a sophisticated visual information system for GP practice/hospital waiting rooms. The system combines health awareness and information messaging via digital signage. It also has an optional Patient Call facility. Envisage is accredited and fully integrated with the EMIS, TPP SystmOne and InPS Vision NHS GP clinical systems. It is your trusted waiting room solution.

With Envisage you are able to:

  • Occupy patients and improve their waiting-room experience by using colourful and engaging health-awareness media.
  • Educate patients with appropriate health messages from a huge, regularly updated media library.
  • Give patients practice-specific messages (e.g. opening times and services) while they are in the waiting room.

For further details about Envisage, please see Numed’s dedicated Envisage website:

Other medical equipment

Numed Healthcare can provide a variety of consumables and accessories that are specifically designed for use with their diagnostic solutions, as well a range of other medical equipment, including:

  • ECG electrodes, ECG paper and crocodile clips
  • Blood-pressure cuffs
  • Spirometry mouthpieces and accessories
  • Medical scales
  • Height measures
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Defibrillators
  • Vital signs monitors

Please see for further information.

Other company information
Fax:0114 2433413
UK Company Number:01302868
VAT Reg:GB200 9980 73
Recent Reviews
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Practice Manager Reviews:
Numed Healthcare
I have had to phone Numed technical support three times now, and each time I have found them to have endless patience and are always very polite despite, as in my case, having to deal with someone who is technically very challenged!! Cannot recommend them highly enough
Verified Review
Review by Suzanne, HCA in Ashford on 28th November 2018
Numed Healthcare
Whenever I have called regarding any technical issues , everyone has been absolutely amazing. Extremely helpful staff and outstanding customer service !
Thank you!
Verified Review
Review by Eva, Practice Manager in London on 19th November 2018
Numed Healthcare
Very Good. Called & used on line help . Sorted in no time .
Seem to get Chris a lot & he is great. Helpful, polite & patient with non savy computer people
Verified Review
Review by Christine, Healthcare Assistant in Leeds on 19th November 2018
Numed Healthcare
I rang Numed to speak to finance regarding a payment. I was very impressed with both the person who answered the phone and Lisa for their excellent manner and their efficiency. They really did put the customer first. Companies could learn a lot from Numed!
Verified Review
Review by Nicola, Practice Manager in Bristol on 12th April 2018
Numed Healthcare
We had a new spirometer that kept on failing and going for return. I raised my concers with Numed and was really impressed with their customer service response and solution (a new spirometer).
Well done Numed, way beyond the service we often get from suppliers.
Verified Review
Review by Melanie, PM in Oxon on 21st June 2017
We were let down by our previous supplier last year and were keen to replace our waiting room information system as soon as possible. Having researched some options, Envisage was recommended to me. The process for acquiring and installing the system was quick, straightforward and simple and we are completely happy with the result.

The messages that we use are a combination of those I create very easily using PowerPoint, and the professionally available healthcare slides and videos from the Envisage ‘bank’, which are especially useful for annual cycles, such as, flu campaign messages.

Patients often engage in discussions with the team so we know that the Envisage messages are clear, comprehensible and reaching our intended audience.

We are very pleased with our decision to buy the Envisage waiting room system and I am more than happy to recommend it to other GP Practices.
Verified Review
Review by Lynne , PM in Banbury on 11th May 2017
Approached NUMED at very short notice to purchase a new integrated ECG machine - received excellent service from the word go. Staff very professional & knowledgable. Already have a NUMED integrated spirometer and would definitely recommend NUMED as a supplier.
Verified Review
Review by Vicki, PM in Cardigan on 23rd March 2017
We have used Numed for many years, purchasing equipment such as ECG machines and 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine as they integrate with EMIS Web. In May 2016 we purchased the Envisage Calling in/Media System for our waiting room.
Installation of all the equipment has been fantastic and pain free and once installed if you have any queries the support team are very helpful.
Going back to the media system, the information provided by Numed including videos is excellent and it very easy to add your own information. We are in the process of purchasing an additional media system for our branch surgery.
There is no pressure from the Sales Team who I have always found to be very helpful and friendly.
If I was asked whether or not I would recommend Numed my answer would be 100% YES.
Verified Review
Review by Review by Rachael, PM in Mid Glamorgan on 2nd February 2017
As a practice we were really sceptical about the size of the screen and what we could/couldn’t use the screen for. However having been using the screen for a couple of months now, we are really pleased that we have it and feel the screen size which was suggested for us was perfect for the room.

We have so far had no problems with the screen and had a very straight forward installation. All Numed employees who I have contact with through-out the process have been really pleasant, really informative and helpful along the way.

We find the software is super user friendly, and is so easy to update on the go! I would definitely recommend Numed.
Verified Review
Review by Susan, GP Practice in Derby on 23rd January 2017
Had never used Numed before and approached them at very short notice for two new ECG machines. Incredibly prompt, knowledgeable, professional and help throughout the process of getting the machines in record time.

Now we have them we think our Numed Universal ECG systems are superb. Would have no hesitation in recommending them or Numed as a supplier.
Verified Review
Review by Gary, GP Practice in Bracknell on 6th January 2017
We have been very impressed with NUMED Envisage Patient Calling/Media System
It has made the waiting room 'look the part'!
Patients have responded well to it's introduction
We have made great use of the videos (from the library), sending important and relevant health education to our patients whilst they are sat waiting for their appointments (captive audience)
The "tickers" are particularly useful, enabling us to keep the patients informed of any Doctors running late, to remind them to have their flu jab, to inform us if they change their telephone/mobile number/home address, to complete a "Friends and Family Test" while they're in, etc.
We've had a very positive experience from sales to after care...excellent customer service!
Would highly recomend!
Verified Review
Review by kelly PM, in Merseyside on 20th October 2016
We have been using Numed products for many years and have always received an excellent service from the whole team from sales to after care. Their products and knowledge base are second to none. I wish more suppliers were like them as if given a choice we would always choose Numed.
Verified Review
Review by Beverly, Assistant PM in West Sussex on 24th August 2016
Very good service with the added bonus of easy integration into EMIS with many products in their catalogue including the ecg machine we purchased.
Verified Review
Review by Martin, GP in Swansea on 9th August 2016
We have used Numed for a number of years and have always found them to be both helpful and professional. Their team of experts are always happy to give telephone assistance when required.
Verified Review
Review by Kerry, GP practice in Hampshire on 5th August 2016
Quick efficient service and excellent telephone / online support ongoing.
Verified Review
Review by Adrian, PM in Kent on 5th August 2016
We've used Numed for some years, and always found them extremely professional, responsive, and friendly. They have an excellent range of equipment, and their impressive Envisage waiting room patient information system has now been adopted by numerous CCG's. Fantastic after sales service as well. A great team you can rely on.
Verified Review
Review by Nigel, PM in Chesterfield on 25th July 2016
Our surgery uses the services of Numed for several items of nursing equipment and whilst going through a transitional period recently has had cause to contact Numed on many occasions. Without exception, the staff are very polite, helpful and supportive, and all have shown a high level of competence. This has aided our working relationship and a belief in your company that you invest in your image. We live in an age where people are quick to complain but poor to congratulate good service, so well done to all at Numed, and keep up the good work.
Verified Review
Review by Debbie, GP practice in Hailsham on 14th July 2016
I have had the pleasure of dealing with Numed for 12 years. Their customer service, quality and pricing are excellent. I have not experienced any breakdowns with the many pieces of equipment I have purchased over 12 years. I always purchase their 5 years MediServe contract for equipment, gives piece of mind and CQC compliance! I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Verified Review
Review by Christina, Business PM in Poole on 6th July 2016

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