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Completely free to GP practices, LocumDeck is part of NASGP’s Practeus platform
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NASGP wants to help you create sustainable, long-lasting partnerships with GP locums. LocumDeck is designed to help you easily arrange work with GP locums.

  • Find new GP locum cover or or use LocumDeck to better connect with your existing locum colleagues.
  • Flexibility to book cover in a way that suits you and the GP locum
  • Instantly book any locum with availability - no booking fee
  • Post your cover requirements if no locum is already available
  • Or confirm bookings you and the GP locum have agreed by direct negotiation

To see how LocumDeck’s Instant Book can transform how you book GP locums, watch our 90-second video

Who are NASGP?

The National Association of Sessional GPs (NASGP) was founded in 1997 to support sessional GPs and help practices to enable their locums to work at their best.

Our ethos

Efficiency has never been more important. And for us, as GP locums interested in safety and quality, it’s all about making every contact with a GP as effective as possible. This starts with an easy, clear booking process. And once the GP locum has arrived at your practice, we use our experience as locums to guide you through the consulting-room-level information and resources your locum will need to work efficiently.

This is why, in 2017, we launched our Practeus platform, comprised of LocumDeck and ‘Spip’ - to help practices and locums to create great partnerships based on mutual respect between healthcare professionals and excellent information sharing

Free NASGP practice membership gives you access to Practeus, including

  • LocumDeck with its optional Instant Book facility with no booking fee to practices

○      Crystal clear summaries of previous and upcoming bookings with all your GP locums.

○     View and print all your locum invoices.

○     View the locum's CV, essential paperwork etc.

○     View their T&Cs.

○     Post any dates or times you need cover for.

  • Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip), also part of Practeus, a comprehensive online practice-specific information sharing system - like a locum pack, but for the whole practice!


  • A dedicated Practices area on our website, with a suite of online templates to help ensure your locum’s session runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Free unlimited salaried GP or partnership adverts.
  • A message board for your practice.

NASGP membership is free to practice managers, or £11 a month for GP locums. 

Other company information
Full Company Name:NASGP LocumDeck
UK Company Number:03861212
VAT Reg:GB744914221
Recent Reviews
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Practice Manager Reviews:
NASGP LocumDeck
I started using Locumdeck as one of the locums I needed used it. It was easy to see her availability and when bookings are made I get confirmation of the booking and can view them on the calendar too. When invoices are sent, I can download it from the site, and digitally sign the pension form (this is one of the best bits!). It would be good if all locums used it, as then it would be so much easier for me to track my bookings and checking their availability without keep e mailing or texting them, waiting for a reply and then e mailing back to confirm. It’s a great place for their documents to sit also. I can access it from home or my mobile which is useful as when I am not in surgery is when I usually need a locum.

I am sure there are many elements of locumdeck that I don’t use yet and I am looking forward to using them as I get more time to play on the site.
Verified Review
Review by Debbie, Practice Manager in St Ives
NASGP LocumDeck
The Locum Deck is a user friendly and efficient way to
•Look for Locum availability
•Advertise your availability
•Book Locum sessions

It is a 'one stop shop' for Practice Manager's and also for Locum GP's, it does everything you want it to do in an instant and with audit trails
I absolutely love the facility for receiving Locum's invoices and the facility for signing the Pension Forms electronically and they are then instantly sent with an audit trail! It is fabulous!
You are notified the moment a Locum GP adds availability which is just fantastic, I spend a lot of time just chasing agencies to see if they have availability, so to be notified the moment availability is advertised is a new concept and very welcome!
I have no hesitation in recommending the Locum Deck it has already eased my work load!

Verified Review
Review by Sue, Practice Manager in Southsea
NASGP LocumDeck
As a locum GP, NASGP is a brilliant tool to manage all my bookings,Ts&Cs, invoicing, payments, pension contributions, locum A and B forms and much much more. It makes a complicated part of the job so easy and quick to do. Practices I've worked with have told me how useful the website is to help with their invoicing and payments.
I've been very impressed with the support I have received from the website too. Any questions about using the site or queries about locum forms or pension contributions etc have been answered helpfully and quickly. Can't imagine locuming without NASGP!
Verified Review
Review by Annika, Locum GP in Peterborough on 5th June 2018
NASGP LocumDeck
This is a great package for anyone setting out as a locum. It is obvious that the site has been created by working locums, because all the issues related to locums are covered.
My immediate concern having worked as a principal for 30 years, was what to charge, and how to arrive at that figure. An in-depth article covered it. My other initial priority in early 2017 was IR35 legislation, and avoiding getting caught up in it. Again the T's and C's giving flexibility to adjust to your personal situation, and based on legal advice, gives me confidence that I am operating in self-employed capacity as recognised by practices and HMRC.
The calendar for documenting future shifts, the ability to share booking information and requesting practice confirmation is brilliant in its own right. You have to use it to truly appreciate it.
Invoicing is also a dream, and the advice and management relating to locum A and B forms and billing, itself justifies the subscription.
Translating from long-term GP principal to locum requires a resetting of approach to appraisal, and that is also covered in depth.
Finally, collating information for my accountant is also structured and easily presentable, with ability to export data to spreadsheet for analysis, something which I have undertaken today, easily.
There is also a social media presence, for feedback and support.
I have just renewed my membership, a very easy decision.
Verified Review
Review by John, Locum in Gloucester on 14th April 2018
NASGP LocumDeck
I moved to using locumdeck 12 months ago and have found it makes booking sessions and invoicing super easy. The fact I can publish my availability to individual practices and have my terms of work and ‘documentation’ automatically attached gives clarity to the practice and myself.
The electronic versions of the pension forms make things even easier.
The admin team behind the scenes are responsive and helpful too.
Verified Review
Review by Lynsey Freelance Locum on 14th April 2018
LocumDeck is a great platform for making bookings, invoicing, expenses, handling A & B forms, and the bookkeeping side of things. When I've had problems or queries, the team has been very repsonsive. It certainly takes the headache out of the tedious parts of being a locum.
Verified Review
Review by Carrie-Anne, GP in Southampton on 8th April 2018
LocumDeck is an indispensable resource for GP locums. It is comprehensive, yet transparent - you can feel reassured about my bookings with the model T&Cs that it provides (significantly better than other platforms), and the support from the team behind LocumDeck to help with its day to day use has been excellent.
Verified Review
Review by Richard, GP Locum in Suffolk on 3rd April 2018
Locum Deck has transformed my work as a GP locum, reducing admin time and enabling easy communication with practices to confirm bookings and send invoices locum A forms. I'm still discovering all the package can do, but it is constantly being developed to improve facilities further for both locums and practices and the team respond rapidly to issues raised.
Verified Review
Review by Susanna, Locum GP in Wokingham on 2nd April 2018
Using NASGP for all my bookings, invoicing and pension forms is the best addition to my working life.
The platform is easy and intuitive to use. It's clearly been designed well for GP locums.
Feedback I've had from PMs is that its great to have all the documents, T&Cs and booking details in one place for QCQ.
Using T&Cs has made detailing which work I will do much clearer and referable which has helped with constructive relationships with practises.
I love that the calendar updates to my phone and lap top.
And the best bit - at the end of the year I just need to click a button and all my earning and milage are ready for my accountant!
And an other best bit - is the feature that shows when a practise hasn't paid me!
Using NASGP has saved me time and money.
Verified Review
Review by Claire, Locum in Sheffield on 29th March 2018

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