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What is Practice Index?

Practice Index is a directory of GP service providers that helps Practice Managers and decision makers find reliable and trusted companies for every aspect of surgery life.

Practice Index ranks companies according to feedback and reviews left by NHS professionals, therefore a Company’s score gives an accurate insight into what to expect from their service.

Who is it for?

Practice Index is made for Practice Managers and surgery decision makers.

How do I leave a review?

Click here. An average review takes between 30 seconds and two minutes, depending on how much you have to say!

What if I want to leave feedback for a company that is not listed on Practice Index?

You can do this easily, just click here. As soon as we have your review we will create a profile for the new company and you will be their first reviewer!

How many reviews can I leave?

We want you to leave as many reviews as you can. Practice Index is a resource for Practice Managers but will only work if the community is active and current.

Can I trust the reviews?

All reviews are validated and we only publish reviews from email addresses meaning we know Practice Managers and NHS professionals and not the companies themselves are leaving reviews!

How are companies rated?

Companies are rated very simply. You review a company by giving them between one and five stars. Your review along with all of the other reviews are then averaged to give a company a Practice Index rating out of five. This score gives a better understanding of a company and the kind of service you should receive.

Which suppliers feature on Practice Index?

We have carefully selected suppliers in all categories, from recommendations. We actively encourage endorsements from Practice Managers for new suppliers and companies will be added as soon as we receive a new recommendation.

How are companies listed?

Companies are indexed according to their feedback score and total number of reviews. The best performing companies are listed at the top, the worst or non-rated companies are at the bottom.



How do I list my company?

Please contact us if you would like to be listed with a link to your website and we will be in touch.

How can I make my page look more appealing?

You can add detailed information about your company along with pictures, videos and social media links. If you would like to add this information to your listing please contact us.

How can I get my company to rank higher?

Positive feedback holds the key! The only way to rank higher is by receiving more and more positive reviews. To gain more reviews:

- Email your customers and ask them to leave reviews on Practice Index.

- Add a link to your Practice Index page in your email footer reminding customers to rate you.

- When you are on the phone to your customers show them your company page on the Practice Index and ask them to leave a review.

Do we get notified when feedback is published?

As soon as feedback is left on Practice Index you will receive an email notification.

Can we comment on reviews?

Yes. Simply email us with your comments, these will be shown under the review.

Can we remove negative reviews?

Negative reviews cannot be removed, however, if the Practice Manager who left the review is now satisfied s/he can change the review by emailing us directly. Reviews can only be changed by the person that left the review.

Jobs Board 

Who is the jobs board for?

The jobs board is for Practice Managers jobs, however, jobs can be posted for other Surgery staff e.g Practice Nurses and Receptionists.

How much does it cost to post a job?

It's totally free to post a job.

Can I sign up for alerts?

Yes. You can sign up for job alerts meaning you will never miss any future opportunities.  



How do the forums work?

Discussions/questions are posted and are then answered by fellow Practice Managers (the forum community). A dialogue begins, similar to a chain of emails but forums are much easier to read, follow and reference. 

What is the difference between the local and national forum?

The local forum is for your local CCG or local Practice Managers group. Typically it will have up to about 30 members. Within this group anything of a local nature can be discussed. The national forum as the word implies is for every Practice Manager up and down the country. Here you can discuss policy, problems and help fellow managers. Every member can see the discussions in the national forum but only memebers of your local forum can see local forum posts. 

How do I start using the forum?

All you will need is an email address to register with the forum. As soon as you have been approved you can begin to use the forum, usually within 15 minutes of signing up.

Is it possible to receive forum alerts?

Yes. You can bookmark or star topics that are of interest to you. As soon as anyone comments on these threads you will receive an email alert.

Can I search the forum for topics of interest?

Yes. Searching the forum is easy, just like searching your emails but a lot more intuative. You will be able to find what questions others have posted and add comments. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for then start a new discussion so that others can help you. 

Will anyone on the internet see what I post?

No. Only members of the forum can see what you post. The site is not indexed by google meaning it will not be picked up by search engines, leaving you free to post what you want.

Do I have to use my real name?

No. You can use a nickname if you would prefer.

How much does it cost to join the forum/s?

It is absolutely free. 



How often is the blog updated?

The blog is updated on a weekly basis.

Can I receive alerts when the blog has been updated?

Yes. Just click on the RSS feed (orange and white button) and follow the instructions. 

Can I suggest topics for your bloggers to write about?

Yes, we would love for you to suggest topics that are of interest.

Can I write a blog post?

Of course. Please just get in touch and we can get you blogging!