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The solutions developed by G2 Speech have been designed to enable Primary Care Professionals to improve both their efficiency and productivity.
Amongst the professionals that are supported with this technology are: health visitors, GPs, practice nurses, community nurses, midwives, receptionists, practice managers and IT technicians.
  • Digital Dictation
  • Medical Record Digital Reproduction
  • Speech Recognition Systems
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Speech recognition and digital dictation for your GP practice

For more than 15 years we have worked alongside GPs and clinicians to ensure that we understand the needs that they face in their industry on a daily basis. We can provide solutions to improve their ability to correspond.

Speaking can be around five times as fast when compared to typing. For this reason, speech recognition can improve your productivity a lot. It means that you can spend minutes rather than hours creating documents, which can therefore increase the satisfaction and positive experience of your patients.

For between one and 25 users:

  • An accuracy of over 98% for between 8 and 10 hours a day usage
  • Fast document processing
  • Works in conjunction with RIS, HIS, PAS, PACS, EPF and EPR
  • Suitable for use in any specialty
  • Digital Dictation
  • Increase productivity and efficiencies
  • Speech Recognition

Founded in 1998, G2 Speech has spent years perfecting the service of digital dictation, meaning that the needs of customers can be met perfectly. Products are provided in England, Wales, Ireland, Holland and Belgium. In the UK alone our products are used by 35 NHS Trusts, and globally we have more than 25,000 users. 

Associations and Awards
  • ITK Accredited
  • ISO 27001 Accredited
Other company information
Fax:0208 555 3899
UK Company Number:04424839
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Practice Manager Reviews:
G2 Speech UK Ltd
I have been piloting Dragon Medical Voice Recognition from G2 Speech for the past 2 months for both my surgery and Camden CCG, as a non-typist and use of remote electronic dictation, Dragon has been a great success.
I can use Dragon to type into almost every field on the computer, emails, EMIS Web consultations and all forms to be filled in during the consultation and of course referral letters and reports. My efficiency has improved tremendously in that turnaround times of letters has fallen as I do not have to check my dictation, report production is much easier as I can view all the text that I was not able to when dictating.
I have set up several templates that I can voice dictate into and generating letters with the patient in front of me is not only efficient but of great benefit to the patient in that letters can be done instantly and of course accurately as they are contemporaneous.
Dictating consultation notes has great benefits in that the patient actually hears you construct your consultation notes and you can also face the patient and not have your head buried in your keyboard.
We asked saving secretarial time, with improved accuracy of letters and forms all of which are also being produced more efficiently.
We now installing Dragon throughout the surgery and my colleagues are very enthusiastic as regards its use. I am happy to share my experience with anyone who wishes to contact me.

Verified Review
Review by GP at a Practice in North West London on 23rd April 2015
G2 Speech UK Ltd
Dragon-Voice to text has saved us approximately 30 minutes plus per day. It has increased practice efficiency plus patient access; the GP can dictate and code directly into the consultation and also into Word saving both time and administration costs.

We have recently changed boundaries and the help desk advisor guided the engineer and transferred the services effortlessly (the most impressive factor being that this was without prior arrangement).

We are so pleased with this digital dictation appliance that we are more than happy to showcase for the company to anyone who is interested.
Verified Review
Review by Dr A Campbell, GP in Glasgow on 13th January 2015

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