Professional organisation who respond promptly to enquiries.
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Review by Mark, Partner in London on 1st August 2019
We have been with Practice Cover for a couple of years. They are always very helpful and always on hand to help with queries promptly and efficiently.
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Review by Doreen, Support Manager in Washington on 1st August 2019
Have been with Practice Cover 5 years and the service has always been brilliant’
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Review by Barbara, Practice Manager in Falkirk on 1st August 2019
Practice Cover were always very helpful with prompt and professional advice
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Review by Vic, GP in Chester on 30th July 2019
We had to make a claim on our locum insurance with Practice Cover and I was very pleased with how it was handled. They kept me in the loop throughout.
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Review by Rubee, Practice Manager in Luton on 29th July 2019
Prompt response to all enquiries. Although the quote was for 30 day duration, we didn't need it to start for a further couple of weeks and this was granted. Good efficient service providing insurance that meets our needs.
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Review by Jenny, Practice Manager in Dorset on 2nd November 2018
Our practice is very happy with Practice Cover services received during the last 12 months.
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Review by Misha, Practice Team Member in London on 30th October 2018
Dealing with Practice Cover is a pleasure. Quotes are most competitive. I could never obtain a better quote from any other organisation.

Our DRS are very happy to stay with Practice cover.
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Review by Paul, Practice Manager in Cardiff on 19th June 2018
Great service.
Very prompt and professional.
Been with them for a long period now.
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Review by Susan, GP in Chelmsford on 1st June 2018
We have never had any issues with Practice Cover since taking over from Wesleyann a couple of years ago, who were excessive.

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Review by Riz, PM in London on 3rd May 2018
Practice Cover service and assistance has been excellent. Wording and explanations of cover available explained clearly. We've just come up to the first renewal of the policy and the GP partners are happy to renew.
Verified Review
Review by Susan, PM in Leamington Spa on 30th April 2018
It has been a real pleasure to work with Lynda and her team. I would highly recommend them them to any doctor looking for a sickness insurance cover.
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Review by Tal, GP in London on 8th March 2018
I have had locum insurance in place with Practice Cover for a couple of years, to pay towards my locum costs if I can’t work. I recently needed to claim in relation to a family situation.
Due to the nature of my absence the practice was not able to claim from our CCG. The locum insurance policy paid out for the days I couldn’t work and I’ve been told my premium rate will not be increased when I renew it in a couple of months’ time . The claim was paid promptly with the minimum of fuss. I very much appreciate the support I was given and the service was excellent.
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Review by Helen, GP in Wolverhampton on 26th January 2018
We have used Practice Cover for our locum insurance for the last 6 years and they provide a friendly, efficient, no fuss service at very competitive rates!
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Review by Tilly, Partner in London on 5th January 2018
They are a delight to deal with, and have found us the right produce at a reasonable and competitive price. A personalised and efficient service always accompanies the above. I would highly recommend.
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Review by Deborah, Managing Partner in Richmond on 13th December 2017
Very personalised service with flexibility. Always very prompt to respond to queries.
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Review by Ann, GP in Dorset on 25th September 2017
I appreciate the frills-free, excellent service from this company. The quotation 5 years ago was much more competitive than any other. As a practitioner in my 60s the absence of age-related premium is particularly important. I could not give any higher recommendation to a prospective client.
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Review by John, GP in Guernsey on 14th August 2017
Really excellent personal service with appropriately tailored quotes. Gentle but persistent follow-up by Practice Cover staff helped me finalise my insurance, whilst life tried getting in the way. My main reason for getting cover is for jury service and the insurance also covers many other reasons for absence. I would highly recommend Lynda and Julie's attention to detail and conscientious approach.
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Review by Zoe, GP in Leeds on 31st May 2017
The new NHS sickness cover was announce just as we were about to renew our locum insurance cover. Practice Cover have been extremely flexible and have worked hard to tailor cover to meet our new requirements. This included extending the previous cover without payment until the details of the NHS scheme were known and then a considerable correspondence to finalize our requirements.
Flexible, good communications and centered on our needs.
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Review by Richard, Doctor in Hampshire on 21st April 2017
Excellent service- friendly, helpful and not at all pushy.
Amendments made to my policy swiftly.
Competitive prices.
Highly recommended.
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Review by Layla, GP Practice in Birmingham on 2nd February 2017
I have been really impressed by the high level of service by Practice Cover and the way they have understood my needs for locum insurance. Their level of customer service is excellent and their product is very competatively priced.
Verified Review
Review by Dr Allinson, GP Practice in Isle of Man on 23rd January 2017
You are pleasant to deal with, reward loyalty and do not penalise an ageing but healthy practitioner because of his age!
Verified Review
Review by John, GP in Guernsey, on 27th October 2016
Very efficient - thank you.
Verified Review
Review by Rhys, GP practice in Gwynedd, Wales on 17th October 2016
I found the service was exceptionally helpful in deciding which cover was appropriate for me. The whole process was efficient, polite and it was a pleasure to deal with Practice Cover.
Verified Review
Review by Colin, GP in Hertfordshire on the 10th October 2016
I am very pleased with the personal service which Lynda provides. She responds promptly to queries and has dealt with a claim very efficiently. I feel it is competitively priced and would highly recommend.
Verified Review
Review by Fiona, GP in Newcastle on 26th July 2016
Very friendly helpful, and responsive service. Claims always dealt with efficiently. We are very happy, thank you.
Verified Review
Review by Judy, PM in Wiltshire on 25th July 2016
Excellent company - very friendly and efficient - respond quickly to queries - we are very impressed - well done!
Verified Review
Review by Pauline, PM in Hampshire on 27th April 2016
I would like to say how pleased I was with my Practice Cover locum insurance when I had to claim last year, for 2 different illnesses. I was off work for a few months earlier in the year and again for a shorter period over Christmas and new year. Each time, I found it very straightforward and my questions were answered quickly and you kept me up to date. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your locum insurance to other GPs. Thanks for your help. I am very pleased with your service & your prompt action!

Verified Review
Review by GP in the north of England on 29th February 2016
Very professional, quick and efficient handling of my claim.
Verified Review
Review by Majd, GP in Newport on 30th November 2015
Absolutely brilliant. Very very pleased with all your services.
Verified Review
Review by Susanta, GP Practice in Cardiff on 9th November 2015
Service is always good, prompt and efficient.
Verified Review
Review by Kev, GP Practice in Merseyside on 29th October 2015
Very friendly staff, excellent service and flexible according to customers needs
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Review by Ikram, GP in West Yorkshire on 5th December 2014
Fantastic friendly efficient service. The doctors were very impressed with the level of professionalism of the company.
Review by Carol, Deputy PM in West Yorkshire on 7th July 2014
It is one of those policies you take out never dreaming you will need to use .... locum insurance. But I would like to say a big thank you to Practice Cover, at a time you are feeling very vulnerable they were extremely supportive and understanding and very efficient. The paperwork was easy to fill in and continuation claims easy to submit. I moved to them from another company who wouldn't cover me. I would definitely recommend them and strongly advise everyone should consider having this cover - not having to worry about finance at a time when there are more important things to consider is so valuable.
Review by Dr Cheryl GP in Yorkshire on 30th June 2014
The Partners at our Surgery were impressed by Lynda Cox (Director) who visited the surgery and gave a comprehensive presentation of the cover provided by the Practice Cover Locum insurance Policy; the premiums quoted, for this permanent cover were thousands of pounds cheaper than our existing insurer Wesleyan. We are very happy with the product and service we have received from Practice Cover.
Review by Ian, PM in Cornwall. 20th June 2014
Excellent cover at a very good price. We have made one claim when a partner was off for a few months. Claiming was very straight forward. Staff great to deal with. Happy to recommend Practice Cover.
Review by Damian, Doctor in Cardiff. 20th June 2014
I find this company very helpful without being pushy. Competitive rates too!
Review by Tilly, PM. 30th June 2014
An independent company with a focus on service as well as value. I particularly like the options for annual cover or permanent cover which I've not seen anywhere else.
Review by Stephen, PM. Added 27th June 2014