I made the decision shortly before Christmas to change websites. Our previous provider had significantly increased their costs and the template was getting tired. Adrian responded immediately and provided us with a test site to review within 4 working days, bearing in mind this was between Christmas and New Year, incredibly quickly. The new site is clean and bright and just what we needed. Adrian has been quick to respond to any queries and has been very helpful. I would highly recommend SurgeryWeb.
Verified Review
Review by Jenny, Practice Manager in Wareham on 7th January 2020
Excellent service from Adrian definitely recommend. Website looks great thank you
Verified Review
Review by Debbie, Practice Secretary in Warrington on 20th December 2019
Honestly the best Practice website available. Great functionality with first class customer service from Adrian. You cannot beat it. Highly recommended and we have had nothing but praise from our patients regarding the website layout Thank you Adrian
Verified Review
Review by Amanda, Practice Manager in Islington on 2nd December 2019
We have had our website with SurgeryWeb for over 2 years now, very responsive service and good attention to detail. It looks crisp and easy for patients to use.
Highly recommend.
Verified Review
Review by Linda, Practice Manager in Sheffield on 20th November 2019
Excellent service. The web site design is very user friendly and also easy to manage. The appearance is just as we wanted. The surgery web team are extremely responsive and will go over and above to help you. We had a difficult transition and Surgery Web made it easy for us. A big thank you and YES we would highly recommend Surgery Web
Verified Review
Review by Jane, Practice Manager in Worthing on 14th October 2019
Fantastic service, really pleased with new website. highly recommend
Verified Review
Review by Patricia, Practice Manager in Barnet on 10th October 2019
Great Site, easy to access and amend/maintain to suit our needs, and superb aftercare - prompt and willing to go the extra mile to help. Thank you.
Verified Review
Review by Ben, GP in Southampton on 26th September 2019
Excellent service, made the transfer from the old website painless. Fast and friendly service. Much cheaper than other providers, I would definitely recommend changing to them.
Verified Review
Review by Diane, Practice Manager in Stoke-on-Trent on 21st August 2019
Brilliant service, fast, friendly and professional. Made the transfer from another provider very easy. Highly recommended.
Verified Review
Review by Adrian, Practice Manager in Caythorpe on 15th July 2019
I manage four practices, two of the practice were approved for merger from 1st July 2019. SurgeryWeb managed to resolve new domain name, setup initial pages on website to keep patient informed .. less than 24 hours. We managed to discussed on the email requirement, set up and how to move forward including pointing current domain to new web domain. Thanks Adrian, well done. Suresh
Verified Review
Review by Suresh, Practice Manager in Edgware on 28th June 2019
This is the second Medical Practice that I have migrated over to SurgeryWeb. I started looking for cheaper options to my original web provider and was amazed to find that not only was SurgeryWeb cheaper - but it is a far superior product which puts me in control of how I want our Practice to be seen. The whole system is intuitive and doesn't take long to learn- but Adrian is always quick to respond, often out of hours, when there's an issue that you can't resolve. I can't really speak highly enough about the site - it really does what it says on the tin!
Verified Review
Review by Keith, Practice Manager in Inverness on 28th June 2019
Excellent value for money with wonderful customer service. Highly recommend.
Verified Review
Review by Kathryn, Practice Manager in Hyde on 27th June 2019
SInce my first contact, I have been impressed with the prompt and professional manner in dealing with my enquiry and the speed at which the website was created. Having a GP background is clearly evident and assists us greatly in our website creation. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, a great website at a great price with great support, what more could we ask for!!
Verified Review
Review by Karen, Practice Manager in Lochgelly on 28th May 2019
We got a recommendation to SurgeryWeb and were extremely impressed with the design and quick responses to our site editing questions. Would recommend to anyone. Cost effective, user friendly and professional at every turn.
Verified Review
Review by Debbie, Practice Manager in St Ives on 16th May 2019
Our old website was attacked and that was a blessing in disguise. I researched a couple of options but as soon as I looked into SurgeryWeb I knew I had found what I wanted. It was setup and live in no time and the response to my queries is almost instant. I'm very happy and would highly recommend it.
Verified Review
Review by Rita, Practice Manager in Wallingford on 15th May 2019
Cannot recommend enough! Fantastic service, very smooth transition, would encourage everyone to sign up, always making really useful changes and updates to benefit the practice, thank you
Verified Review
Review by Emma, Office Manager in Cheshire on 9th May 2019
I think this a fantastic facility; fresh and easy to use. Transferring from our old surgery website was very easy and completed within a few days - and it was half the price too. Excellent value for money and I will be switching my other Practice over in the next couple of months
Verified Review
Review by Keith, Practice Manager in Aberlour on 16th April 2019
We've just changed to using 'SurgeryWeb' as our website provider and I am so happy about the switch! The website looks brilliant and is very easy to access for patients. The website is simple and easy to change when we need to add in additional information or changes. Adrian has been so helpful answering any questions asked helping to ensure that the transition went along flawlessly. Would highly recommend to all other practices!
Verified Review
Review by Tracey, Practice Manager in Lincoln on 12th April 2019
We have just changed over to SurgeryWeb and they have been brilliant. Website looking great. Really competitive price. We've done everything by email and Adrian has been so helpful and responsive, ensuring a really smooth transition. Customer service at its best. Would definitely recommend.
Verified Review
Review by Liz, Practice Manager in Dudley on 29th March 2019
Have been using SurgeryWeb for over 18 months now and pleased with the flexibility and responsiveness. Pleased we moved to them.
Verified Review
Review by R, Practice Manager in Beverley on 19th March 2019
Super fast setup and website is patient friendly and visually impressive with easy to use tiles. Great value for money and excellent service.
Verified Review
Review by Emma. Practice Manager in Manchester on 14th March 2019
The whole process of creating a new web site has been very easy, and SurgeryWeb has always responded quickly to any queries.
Verified Review
Review by Ian, IInformation Manager in Winchester on 7th March 2019
Really impressed by swift service, excellent design and prompt assistance from Adrian. Staff are so impressed by the new modern look. Would definitely recommend, thanks Adrian.
Verified Review
Review by Ifat, GP in Manchester on 23rd January 2019
Very easy to use, customer friendly layout and setting. quick reflection after updating. love the pop-out message function.
Verified Review
Review by Weiwei, Practice Manager in Hounslow on 16th January 2019
I'm so glad we moved to SurgeryWeb. Adrian has been very supportive and we have so much more control over the whole content of the website. I would not hesitate in recommending them.
Verified Review
Review by Lisa, Practice Manager in Warrington on 27th November 2018
Would have no hesitation in recommending SurgeryWeb. Adrian was fantastic to deal with
and responded to any queries really quickly. The software is so easy to use and that's from someone who has never updated or had any dealings with websites in the past! Our new website, created from a blank canvas as we decided to start again, looks great and is much improved from what we had before. Thanks for all your help SurgeryWeb.
Verified Review
Review by Gill, Practice Manager in Merseyside on 20th November 2018
Having decided to change our website provider, Adrian was brilliant from start to finish, and so quick! So much nicer than automated, anonomised messages. We are so pleased with the result, thank you!
Verified Review
Review by Nicky, Practice Manager in Wareham on 16th November 2018
Just switched over and although there’s lots more to tweak and play with Adrian has already created a modern functional website for us - delighted and looking forward to seeing what else we can do!
Verified Review
Review by Charlotte, Practice Manager in Royal Wootton Bassett on 24th October 2018
First class service from start to finish . Very responsive, supportive and extremely cost effective. If you are looking for a new website supplier then look no further. Adrian will do everything he can to create a great looking site to your needs. Every stage of the process is simple and requires little input. I would highly recommend SurgeryWeb to anyone.
Verified Review
Review by Chrisitan, Practice Manager in Kingussie on 5th October 2018
Adrian has been extremely supportive and we are more than happy with the results. The site is so easy to use I don't know why it took us so long to do this ! Would recommend without hesitation Thank you
Verified Review
Review by Fiona, Practice Team Member in Brigg on 15th August 2018
Really happy with the migration to the new website hosted by SurgeyWeb. Very helpful support from Adrian at each stage. New site looks very professional.

Thanks again.
Verified Review
Review by Nick, Practice Manager in Lincolnshire on 2nd August 2018
Could not fault process. From start to launch date Adrian has helped, kept me informed and made the odd suggestion. We are delighted with the finished article, much more modern and user friendly than our very outdated previous one. It's easy to customise to your own preferences , from colour choices, font, photo's and content. You can also add a pop up to show when the site is logged in to. E.G. flu campaign etc. If you are looking to get a new website or update your existing one then this is the one for you. Very competitively priced in to the bargain. Worth the 5 star rating.
Verified Review
Review by Claire, Practice Manager in Johnstone on 26th July 2018
Couldn't be more impressed with Adrian and Surgery Web. He was very open and willing to help. We are all very happy with the website. It is a huge improvement on our old one and he keeps rolling out more useful updates. I would highly recommend Surgery Web to all.
Verified Review
Review by Oliver, GP in Tonbridge on 19th July 2018
Adrian and SurgeryWeb have been brilliant. He has been patient and ever so helpful in helping me set up our new website. I am so pleased with our new website and hope that our patients will like it as much as I do!
Verified Review
Review by Jemma, PM in Bognor on 9th May 2018
SurgeryWeb is simple to use and Adrian is prompt to reply with any queries. Great service.
Verified Review
Review by Julie, Practice Team Member in Lincolnshire on 3rd April 2018
We had a bit of an outdated website and the surgeryweb website is colourful, modern and easy for patients to use. All staff especially Adrian was very helpful, pleasant and nice to work with - made the transition nice and easy and always really nice about any problem that I had.

Excellent company with people who really know what they are talking about.
Verified Review
Review by Jessie, Practice Team Member in Hove on 3rd April 2018
Moved our website over to SurgeryWeb last week and have found it an easier platform to use. We really like the look and ease of use for our patients. The support service has been very timely and made the transition easy.
Verified Review
Review by Linda, Practice Manager in Sheffield on 5th March 2018
We needed a new website after our previous provider withdrew their service. I was pleased with the proposed website; that it was so easy to customise (even for a non technical person like me) and also how responsive Adrian is to requests and suggestions. I highly recommend SurgeryWeb.
Verified Review
Review by Joyce, PM in Birkenhead on 14th February 2018
Exceptional service throughout. The process of changing website was made smooth and simple plus Adrian made sure to offer support should we need it. The new website is brilliant, it makes a professional but welcoming impact and is so much more flexible in line with our needs.
I absolutely recommend SurgeryWeb.
Verified Review
Review by Rachael, PM in Birmingham on 9th February 2018
We were with a private company prior to Surgery Web, we did look around at various providers and were fond of the clear concise professional look of surgery web. It did seem to be the one that could be most personalised too.

We went live within 10 working days. Adrian at Surgery Web had transferred everything from our previous website so put the bones in place as it were and provided login details for the new site to make changes. I didn’t really need to ask him much as he has helpful videos and documents on his website on how to make updates, however he was quickly responsive when I did need to contact him, and continues to be.

I am really happy with it and was recently praised by our CCG for having such a secure website. I would definitely recommend!!
Verified Review
Review by Tessa, IT Lead in Dorset on 27th January 2018
Excellent service and support

Absolutely fantastic Staff and Patients delighted with our new user friendly Website
Verified Review
Review by Anita, PM in Merseyside on 15th January 2018
Extremely efficient and responsive service - helpful, friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is not computer knowledgeable but needs a website as they speak in language you can understand and not computer jargon.
Verified Review
Review by Judy, PM in London on 15th January 2018
Adrian has been really helpful in supporting us to develop a new Practice Website. Whenever we had a query he responded very promptly. We think the website looks fantastic and will hopefully be much easier for patients & staff to use. Thank you Adrian!
Verified Review
Review by Rhona, PM in Stockport on 22nd November 2017
Adrian was absolutely fantastic right from the off! Nothing was too much trouble and his answers to all queries were clear and prompt. A great improvement from our previous supplier! Our new website is clear and simple to use for both staff and patients. I would most definitely recommend a transfer to SurgeryWeb.
Verified Review
Review by Luke, IT/Data Manager in Birmingham on 8th November 2017
Adrian provided an excellent service ensuring that the site exceeded our expectations.
He also managed the transition from our old provider really well.
Thanks to his clear design we are now seeing a 600% increase in patient contacts and surveys.
Thoroughly recommended
Verified Review
Review by Phil, Practice Business Manager in Wirral on 26th September 2017
Adrian has responded to every one of my queries quickly and efficiently. He has been helpful and provides an excellent personal service that I have not experienced with our previous website providers. We have needed some adaptations to personalise our website and Adrian has made all the changes for us. I would not hesitate to recommend his services - I am a very happy customer!!
Verified Review
Review by Judy, PM in London on 13th September 2017
Adrian is VERY quick to get back to me whenever I have a query and has offered lots of support and a personal service.
Verified Review
Review by Lucy, Administrator in Bebington on 24th August
Excellent service - Surgery Web moved everything over from our previous provider and were extremely helpful with any queries. Our new website looks much cleaner and it is so much easier to add and amend content than before. Highly recommended!
Verified Review
Review by Annie, IT Manager in Alton on 5th April 2017
Excellent service, very quick response to all queries and great to deal with someone who knows how a practice runs and what patients require from a website.
Really pleased with our new look - thanks Adrian
Verified Review
Review by Emma, PM in Wirral on 22nd March 2017
Excellent site, great replacement for our dated older site. Very helpful in getting it up and running/copying details, etc.
Verified Review
Review by Rob, Business Manager in Aberdeen on 17th March 2017
Excellent service - Adrian is most helpful and patient! I wish he could do the whole thing for us as he has the expertise. I would happily pay for it. Can we clone Adrian??
Thanks for all your help and input
Verified Review
Review by Karnika, PM in Hertfordshire on 6th March 2017
A really fast service, website up and running within a week and really helpful too. Website is brill.
Verified Review
Review by Review by Sarah, PM in Scotland on 10th February 2017
Our old website was looking tired and dated so decided to go for a change of supplier. SurgeryWeb was recommended to us and we are very pleased with the new look and design.

The response from the developer is very quick and he is extremely helpful, he has accommodated many changes and bespoke features for us and is always developing new features and updates.

From putting our order in, the new site was up and running in no time and he also transferred a lot of our existing site over, which made life easier.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a fresh design and an easy to manage site.
Verified Review
Review by Review by Kate, Assistant PM in Nottinghamshire on 3rd February 2017
SurgeryWeb has provided us with an easy to use website.
Patients report finding the site easy to use and they are able to order repeat prescriptions, update some information, complete surveys and keep up to date with practice information.
From a practice point of view, the site is easy to manage, even for a busy practice manager with very little website experience.
Verified Review
Review by Joyce, PM in Merseyside on 19th January 2017