First class service. Within 1 week of first contact, we had a soft phone solution installed. The sales team have been outstanding. Our allocated support Tom Chittock has been amazing and supported us throughout the installation and training process. Any issues have been resolved immediately. The team is receptive and responsive to feature suggestions. By using this system we are now able to offer all of our team flexible and remote working.
Verified Review
Review by Flemming, Business Manager in Croydon on 1st May 2020
X-on has worked extremely well with integrating our multiple sites telephone system, providing excellent support with very helpful and knowledegable staff at all times. The wall board helps with telephone handling management and we also receive monthly reports which are useful. Configuration and management on site is very user friendly.
Verified Review
Review by Joanne, Operations Manager in Wolverhampton on 20th April 2020
Surgery Connect is a fantastic telephone system with Emis Web integration. The way forward for GP practices, lots of amazing features available and excellent monthly management reports to review demand and plan accordingly. Justin Winfield our relationship manager has been amazing and very helpful. I would recommend this system to any PM looking to upgrade their current phone system
Verified Review
Review by Mohammed, Practice Manager in Coventry on 17th March 2020
A great telephony system. Gives you lot of control over monitoring quality of service by front line staff. A great tool for educating and up skilling reception staff.The support service is exemplary as well.
Verified Review
Review by Pommai, GP in London on 13th March 2020
Great system that supports the practices in the management of their patient demand. Excellent features and response from the X-On team.
Verified Review
Review by Bryony, Business Manager in Yeovil on 12th March 2020
Intuitive phone system with many innovative features.
Verified Review
Review by Steven, Head of Informatics in Denton on 10th March 2020
Great system - intergration with EMIS is a real benefit as we do GP triage - excellent data and live white boards allow a real call centre approach - recommend
Verified Review
Review by Roy, GP in Bewdley on 27th February 2020
Very pleased with the system. Continuity worked well when needed recently. Particularly grateful for the excellent support from Joanne our Account Manager who has been really helpful in supporting us to understand the system better
Verified Review
Review by Phillippa, Practice Manager in Birmingham on 10th February 2020
Happy with service, great monthly feedback reports, these help me to deal with PPG issues where they tell me the phone is not answered on time by the staff. Good info is available every month and helps me close down concerns. The telephone recording system is efficient and easy to use, essential for dealing with customers who claim that staff are rude on the telephone. Very happy.
Verified Review
Review by Robert, Practice Manager in Newbury on 7th January 2020
Great system, I wonder how we ever managed before. Takes a little time to get used to but once you've mastered how everything works you won't go back to your old system. The support line is always answered and everyone I have ever spoken to has managed to help me without any fuss. I would thoroughly recommend Surgery Connect.
Verified Review
Review by Jackie, Practice Manager in Washington on 14th November 2019
Fab system with excellent tech support. I would highly recommend Surgery Connect
Verified Review
Review by Claire, Receptionist in Sunderland on 22nd October 2019
We were looking for a new phone system we met with a few companies,We have decided to go with surgery concect,They have been extremely helpful with the transistion with our current suppliers which were being difficult,they went out of there way and even will be helping us paying for the buying out of the old contract. I can say for large practice our phone bill will be half what we are paying now. Can't thanks the team enough and look forward to our go live date.
Verified Review
Review by Arti, Practice Manager in Harrow on 4th July 2019
Very good telephony product, specifically aimed at GP practices and improving all the time. The development of new features and time it takes to tweak existing features is far quicker than any other software provider we've worked with. The all-inclusive pricing works well because the cost is still lower than our previous supplier but we get far more for our money and access new features as soon as they're available at no extra cost.
Verified Review
Review by Ali, IT manager in Somerset on 24th May 2019
Training was quick and straightforward with useful handouts. Call recording is good for staff training and resolving complaints. Recording messages and scheduling is a positive to set up in house and support is prompt and helpful if required.
Verified Review
Review by Fiona, Practice Manager in York on 15th May 2019
I was searching for a state-of-the-art telephone solution for the Practice, and Surgery Connect was my right choice! The whole process was seamless and Practice-friendly when we went live. We are happy with this provider and I have no hesitation in recommending this to any Practices.

Verified Review
Review by Jaydev, Practice Manager in London on 13th May 2019
Well impressed with whole process from start to finish- a lot of positive feedback from staff and patients alike, customer support are prompt in their replies, management reports excellent and the call recording has come in very useful. Ease of transfer on the day went very well and good training support on the day as well- definitely recommend them
Verified Review
Review by Stephanie, Practice Manager in Sutton in Ashfield on 9th May 2019
Excellent service, rapid resolution of issues that have arisen. Web based interface for system management is comprehensive but therefore complex - however very good support and if we can't work out how to do something quickly then support will do it for us. Good value for the core contract.
Verified Review
Review by Ian, GP in Dorcester on 25th April 2019
Recording telephone conversations and being able to play these back has been a huge asset, especially for staff training and dealing with complaints. Patients like the Q buster facility and are very appreciative of the ring back. Some of the recent improvements to the reports have saved me a lot of time.
Verified Review
Review by Cindy, Assistant Practice Manager in Somerton on 25th April 2019
This has been one of the singularly exceptionally positive system changes I have experienced. From the very beginning to the very end of the process, every part of the team were pleasant, helpful and efficient. The system itself is adaptable but easy to manage and the ongoing support has been quick and is provided in a clearly explained way. It is already proving to be a far better experience for our patients and staff.
Verified Review
Review by Tansy, Managing Parter in Dorset on 3rd March 2019
Very user friendly system. So quick to find calls and change prompts which were some of the features we were looking for. Good value for money as well.
Verified Review
Review by Emma, Practice Manager in Basingstoke on 1st February 2019
I wish we’d signed up to their service sooner rather than later. It’s a simplistic but professional system that is easy to use by all staff.
Verified Review
Review by Darren, Practice Manager in York on 21st January 2019
We recently changed our phone system to X-On and have been very happy with the whole process. The company are very professional and the after service has been excellent. I would definitely recommend this company
Verified Review
Review by Tracy, Practice Manager in Sunderland on 21st January 2019
We moved to X-on in August 2018 and have been delighted not only with the support we had that made the move run smoothly, but also features that have allowed us to improve our communications with patients and increase the numbers of call our reception team can now take.
Verified Review
Review by Steven, Practice Manager in Sunderland on 18th January 2019
We recently upgraded our telephone system to X-on and is very happy with the service provided by the company and the system. The engineers are very professional and offer a high level of support when required. Emis integration works well too. Plenty of configuration options available. I have no hesitation in recommending X-on
Verified Review
Review by Liza, Practice Manager in London on 4th January 2019
Very happy with our new service. Very smooth transition, system working as intended and very useful metrics to monitor the service with. Any issues or questions very rapidly dealt with- really impressed. Integrates nicely into EMIS saving significant clinician time.
Verified Review
Review by Ben, Practice Manager in London on 3rd January 2019
The whole process of moving over to this system was completely seamless and was fully completed from start to installation in what seemed like only a matter of 6 weeks.The support team are great and all of our issues have been resolved pretty much with immediate effect. I would definitely recommend this telephone system.
Verified Review
Review by Kay, Practice Manager in Washington on 18th December 2018
Great communication and service all the way though. This has enabled our practice to monitor more comprehensively our call figures. I would recommend X-on for their efficiency and easy to understand costing plan.
Verified Review
Review by Julie, Administrator in Kent on 13th December 2018
We moved to Surgery Connect approx. 2 months ago.
Very happy with the service so far, staff are excellent, helpful with the planning and implementation stage and also the on-going support
Verified Review
Review by Louise, Practice Manager in Hornchurch on 23rd November 2018
We moved over to Surgery Connect last month and can certainly recommend the system. The Go Live went smoothly with no interruption to patient services although we did have a hitch with the direct dial numbers being ported across. The training the practice received was great and ensured all the staff knew how to use the new phone system. The reporting facilities are great for management purposes. I would recommend this phone solution to anyone wishing to provide a very professional and efficient service.
Verified Review
Review by Gail, Practice Manager in York on 19th November 2018
We implemented Surgery Connect some 18 months ago - it has been a revalation to actually see the number of calls we are taking on a daily basis allowing us to accurately capacity plan number of call handlers required by day and time of day. The call recording facility means we are able to deliver quality assurance reviews to ensure positivie Patient experience and adherence to process. Very impressed.
Verified Review
Review by Carole, Director in Bristol on 12th November 2018
I choose X-On, to replace our antiquated telephone system, following extensive research during 2017/18.

Having met the marketing team numerous times during various Expos I definitely tried before I bought :-)

Key points:

- A competitive simple pricing strategy.
- Excellent support in the preparation phase.
- An after sales service that keeps on giving.
- A continuously developing customer relations service.
Verified Review
Review by Ian, Practice Manager in Althrincham on 12th November 2018
We use Surgery Connect for over a year now and we are very happy with their services. Their support team is always very professional, friendly and happy to help in a prompt manner. Our telephone system improved greatly since we use them and we can offer much better services to our patients. Since we switched to Surgery Connect we are able to use tools like daily monitoring of all calls, very helpful reports which show our daily usage, telephone call recordings which are very easy to access and many more. All in all I would highly recommend Surgery Connect service.
Verified Review
Review by Misha, Practice Team Member in London on 8th November 2018
We moved across to Surgery Connect last month and since then we've received a service that is second to none. The implementation process was extremely smooth and the transition to the system on the day didn't effect the services that we were able to provide whilst we went 'Go-Live'. The training we received was excellent and ensured that all staff were fully familiar with the new system ahead of it's delivery. The support we've received from the Technical Support Team has been totally professional and they're always swift to rectify any technical 'teething' issues or answer any queries we had.
Verified Review
Review by Darren, Practice Manager in York on 1st October 2018
We switched from the BT to surgery connect couple of months ago simply because of the poor customer service we received from the BT. Apart from easy one to one communication with the X-on customer service personnel, this new phone system has multiple features that comes with no extra cost like call queuing, spreading incoming calls during pea time, calls recording & attaching with the consultation, emis integration (calls from emis GP system page by clicking patient's details for triaging etc. saves time - also SMS can be sent). Most importantly, we can see live system and reporting is very easy. All in all this is a very user friendly innovative telephone system I'd recommend to any business specially in the general practice.
Verified Review
Review by Abdullah, GP in Surrey on 28th August 2018
This system provided us which features which, with our old system was difficult and in some cases unavailable. We now have visibility of our call queues and the support desk we engage with is quick to respond and resolve any queries. The go-live date went beyond smoothly. Overall we are pleased with the system and would recommend them.
Verified Review
Review by Loni, Practice Manager in Kentish Town on 25th June 2018
We have been using X-on since March 2018 and have been very happy. The switch over to X-on was smooth and very good training was given to staff. The support has been excellent. Our next step is to install Emis integration. We also managed to half our costs switching to X-on!
Verified Review
Review by Tonja, Practice Manager in Kent on 22nd June 2018
We are a 15,000 Patient surgery and switched to X-on about 18 months ago. The system has enabled us to vastly improve our patient experience in accessing our services and for our staff to undertake their jobs fully. The new EMIS-Phone link is proving very useful to our Patient Services staff as well as our clinicians. We are particularly impressed by the support provided and fast turn around to any issues or requests for changes. Highly Recommended.
Verified Review
Review by Steve, Practice Manager in Bicester on 30th May 2018
We had a good experience when we moved across to X-on nearly a year ago and were pleased to get away from an old analogue system. The install of the new system (at two sites) was quick and painless. The monthly reports are very helpful and the support engineers do their best to answer our service requests promptly. I would recommend this company.
Verified Review
Review by Carolyn, PM in Newbury on 19th March 2018
X-on provided their services from October 2017. The call board is really useful to see how many calls are waiting to come through and also that all calls are answered and put in a queue so has stopped complaints about the lines being engaged all the time. It now means patients are realising how many calls are trying to get through to the practice!! The team at X-on will try and sort any problems out asap. Its a much better system and the reports received at the end of each month help to recognise just how busy we are!
Verified Review
Review by Nicola, PM in Warrington on 15th January 2018
Pleasantly surprised with this telephone system. Initially we have had teething problems, as with any new system, but the support desk are quick to respond to resolve. From start to finish customer service has been excellent, keeping the Practice up to date with all aspects from delivery of the phones, installation and training of staff.
Verified Review
Review by Julie, PM in Leicester on 19th December 2017
As a surgery we have been happy with the service provided by x-on. When any issues arise they are quick to resolve the situation and are always keen to help. We are able to monitor the wait time and keep an eye on how many calls we have in the queue to ensure patient satisfaction and safety.

On the occasion that we need to listen to a phone call this is easily accessible via the management console. Amendments to the phone system can be made easily via this service.

Verified Review
Review by Nicola , PM in Peterborough on 12th December 2017
Changing our telephone system was made simply by X-On, all the staff from the installation team to the sales and support team have been very helpful. The quality of the phone line has been to a high standard. On switch over day we had minimal interruption and able to continue to accept patients calls throughout. Any problems have been dealt with by support team. Having control of the flow of calls has improved our customer service and patients are less dissatisfied.
Verified Review
Review by Lisa, Practice Team Member in Hertfordshire on 12th December 2017
Wish we'd moved over sooner! Competitive contract, great account manager, excellent support (although we did have a few teething problems on the go live day) and so much better than what we had before. I'd thoroughly recommend GP Connect to any practices thinking of installing a new telephone system.
Verified Review
Review by Gill, PM in Netherton on 21st September 2017
X-on offers an excellent service, with constant updates that fulfils the surgery needs.

They spend time to see what we need and works, and work with the surgery to implement the changes.

They are approachable with a good customer service which is second to none.

Verified Review
Review by Su, Operations Manager in Portsmouth on 15th May 2017
We have used X-on for just over a year and we're really pleased with both the product and the service. We have had a few teething problems but the support from our Account Manager and Service Desk has been great and any issues/queries are resolved quickly.

We really like how the product keeps evolving and if you have things you would like building, the company always listens.

Our old system didn't have the functionality that our new system has and the ability to record calls has been a great help.

I would definitely recommend X-on to anyone looking to change telephone systems.
Verified Review
Review by Kirsty, PM in Huddersfield on 4th May 2017
We switched over to X-On Surgery Connect in February 2015. We had some nervousness about the call quality of an internet based, hosted system but need not have worried. The call quality is excellent and in over 2 years, the reliability of the system has been remarkable. Other features we value include the call recording function and the performance statistics (both individual and team). We now have a far superior and much more flexible system than previously and at a reduced cost.
Verified Review
Review by David on 26th April 2017
We have used Surgery Connect for the last 3 years or so. We have found the system perfect for our needs. X-On are fabulous at responding to any problems we may have and they are constantly looking at ways to improve the service. I would recommend this telephone system without a doubt
Verified Review
Review by Tracy, Practice Manager in Lancashire on 20th April 2017
X-On responded to our needs at the 11th hour during mobilisation. They provided us with an extremely competitive rate and the service they have provided since go-live has been exceptional. Thoroughly recommend them to anyone who requires any sort of call recording and retrieval system.
Verified Review
Review by Robert in Croydon on 19th April 2017
We have used X-on for over a year now and have been delighted with making the change to them. The ability to configure your set up in house ensures that as the business changes we can adapt the phone system to match, and when things do get tricky and technical their support staff are friendly and happy to help.

Its not all been plain sailing, and getting used to the VOIP set up did take some adjustment but now it has bedded in our phone service has turned a corner and is now at a much better level our previous more traditional approach. The flexibility you get with this system to allow people to take calls from any desk is really useful, and the ability to have users operating across different sites offers the virtual call centre type approach.

We have had an outage, not long after we went live, and the problem was widespread but they do offer a mobile phone back service that can be turned on to enable calls to still be taken so the risk to the continuity of business was mitigated as well as could be hoped.

Its good to see that X-on are still developing and enhancing their product, taking on board feedback from their customers. Always a positive when the relationship with the supplier continues to blossom after you have signed up and paid.

Always happy to discuss anything further over the phone if anyone has specific questions about our experiences with X-on.
Verified Review
Review by Justin, Data Manager in Portsmouth on 11th April 2017
Very very happy with X-on’s Support services. They have always been very helpful.
Verified Review
Review by Lindsey, Office Manager in East sussex on 20th January 2017
It is refreshing to find a company who understands my dilemmas within a GP Practice and has the solutions I am looking for.
Verified Review
Review by Sonia, Practice Manager in Birmingham on 20th January 2017