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uMed is a technology-enabled research network that can provide rapid, low cost support to the NHS pandemic by using electronic health records to automate the targeted engagement of patients through our unique two-way communication between GP practices and patients. This can be used to centrally engage patients across the UK to deliver research and education programmes without burdening frontline staff and at no cost to the NHS.

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How it Works:

1. Build a cohort: Organisations find targeted patients across our international site network, derived from the information contained in their electronic health records. 

2. Create an access request: The research organisation creates a collaboration request which is sent to healthcare providers associated with the target cohort. This includes all governance documentation and patent facing content associated with this particular research study.

3. Provider review: The healthcare provider is alerted to a pending collaboration request and, once approved, the patients will be engaged to participate in that study.  

4. Patient engagement: Communication is delivered from the patients recognised healthcare provider, facilitated by uMed across multiple channels including SMS, web, letter and telephone. This process allows the study to be conducted compliantly with minimal burden to the teams at the site. 

5: Study monitoring: The healthcare provider will retain full control of patients and data during the study. The research organisation can centrally capture responses from the patient and combine this with longitudinal outcome data from the EHR. All without ever exposing the subject's identity.


  • Generates additional revenue from research without increasing overhead or burden on practice staff 
  • Practices use the uMed platform to support local quality improvement programmes at no cost.
  • Patients are given the opportunity to join studies that may have otherwise not been available 
  • The practice always retains full control over their patients and patient data

More Information:  

Our platform was designed from the ground up by our highly experienced in-house team to be secure and compliant with the most stringent data protection and data security requirements.  This includes the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit, NHSx guidance and GDPR legislation.

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