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PatientChase is an EMIS Web accredited partner product that simplifies and automates all aspects of patient call/recall, enabling a practice to identify patients, communicate with them and audit all the contact made with them.
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Save £££s by improving the way you call/recall patients. Right away.

Are your searches time consuming and complex to run?
Does your recall rely on clinicians remembering (forgetting) to enter follow up dates in the templates?
Do you panic at year end to achieve all your recall targets?
Would someone else in your practice know how to take over the recall should you need to hand to over the work?
Is your recall 'patient-centric', in other words does it recall patients the fewest times necessary and take into account all the registers they're on?
Are your invites informative, thereby telling the patient why they need to come in and also helping the receptionists to make appropriate bookings?

PatientChase considers all of these things seamlessly.

The software gives you a water-tight, methodical and easy to run recall system. We've been helping practices for 10 years and have taken into consideration and adapted all the methods practices use to invite their patients.

It is far more than just a tool for contacting patients. As well as being a multi method communication application (letters, texts and emails), it is a very clever search tool which finds for you which patients need to be contacted and in the fewest times necessary.

It will instantly cross-reference multiple condition patients.

Let PatientChase do all the hard work for you; it automatically personalises the messages to patients and is smart enough to work out all the coding back to EMIS.

You simply pick the conditions you're interested in using the PatientChase Search Builder and the software does the rest.



  • Quickly Identify call/recall patients by any combination of birth month filters, review codes, QOF targets, investigations not done, immunisations or any user defined LES/DES searches. Also handles flu recall, NHS Health Checks and any other campaigns. All your recall in one place!
  • Save well over £1 per patient per year – much less admin recall time, less postage, more efficient clinics, better informed patients and receptionists.
  • Enhances EMIS – A more visual view of your patients needing contact and more automated.
  • Ensures admin staff have full control of managing the invitations so no patients slip through the net.
  • Searches are quicker and easier as is training.
  • Use at any time of year. PatientChase will instantly address you current recall needs.

There's a very good reason why hundreds of practices love using PatientChase and why we've recorded record sales over the last 12 months.

More info

PatientChase helps practices improve efficiency and increase the quality of care provided to patients. PatientChase provides a simple way to identify patients across multiple conditions, calling them in the least number of times and helping to improve surgery access. 
PatientChase will significantly simplify and automate all aspects of patient call/recall for your practice.
Instantly cross-references patients on several registers providing you with an easy view of what applies to each patient.
Choose how to contact patients through PatientChase - mail merge personalised letters, send SMS or emails.
Letter and email content is automated and informs the patient (and receptionists) about what they need to come in for.
Coding into EMIS is all worked out for you. Batch codes into EMIS for EACH condition the patient has and cleverly determines whether to insert 1st, 2nd or 3rd ‘letter/SMS/email sent’ read codes.


10p+VAT per patient for one year (based on your registered population). Price capped at 15,000 patients. Price includes unlimited users, installation, on-going training, regular updates and full support (telephone, online or email). Discounts apply if ordering for more than one year. Discounts available for multiple practice orders.

For further information, please call 0845 4025161, email or visit

Recent Reviews
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Practice Manager Reviews:
Good product for recalls, only problems have been caused by clinical system provider and our IT - work a try to see if it helps you
Verified Review
Review by Paul, Practice Manager in County Durham on 21st September 2018
We have been using Patient Chase for years to handle our recalling. It is particularly excellent at processing large volumes of e-mails.
Verified Review
Review by Ed, GP Practice in London on 17th November 2016
We have used Patient Chase for years and use it daily - there are many options available and the flexibility to tailor to your practice needs.
Patient Chase respond quickly with help and support if needed.
I would recommend to anyone.
Verified Review
Review by Gillian, PM in Middlesex on 11th November 2016
This is a great tool, it's quick and easy to use and has cut our postage costs and time spent on recalls quite considerably. Patientchase are quick to resolve any issues or queries that I have and happy to listen if you have any ideas that would make using it more helpful. Highly recommend this product.
Verified Review
Review by Paula, GP Practice in Kent, on 9th November 2016
Patient chase is a very effective tool for streamlining patient recall. It is further enhanced by a very responsive support team.
Verified Review
Review by Sarah, GP Practice in Bristol on 9th November 2016
Patient Chase has been a great addition to the search engine on Emis Web making running searches much more efficient and easy to use, the technical support is also excellent any problems and they are very quick to respond and resolve and queries you may have.
Verified Review
Review by Kirsty, GP Practice in Stoke-on-Trent on 9th November 2016
We have worked with the PatientChase team to develop software that allows us to deliver an effective and efficient recall system for 21 general practices in Gateshead, run centrally from offices at CBC. Requests for development and support have always been met in a timely manner. PatientChase software has vastly reduced the amount of admin time required for recall, streamlined the process and supported the delivery of "Year of Care" model in our area.
Verified Review
Review by Deb, GP Practice in Gateshead on 7th November 2016
We find PatientChase incredibly useful for consolidating patient data in a way that our clinical system ‘EMIS WEB’ is unable to do. The text feature is really user friendly and a much smoother process that other text messaging apps when doing individual texts to patients. All in all it does a great job filling in the gaps that aren’t fulfilled by other clinical programmes.
Verified Review
Review by Hannah, System Administrator at a GP practice in SW London on 4th November 2016
PatientChase has helped to make our recall much more streamlined and therefore quicker, easier and more cost effective. Whenever I have encountered any problems using the software the support team are instantly available and always resolve my issue quickly with full, easy to understand explanations.
Verified Review
Review by Stacey, GP Practice in Harbury, on 4th November 2016
We use this software for safe and effective recall for our patients. Response times to requests for technical help are excellent.
Patientchase has helped us to improve processes in practice.
Verified Review
Review by Emira, GP Practice in Aylesbury, on 3rd November 2016
Superb service and Support. The software is actively managed and problems are dealt with quickly by phone, email or dialling in. The recall system allows us to streamline our chronic disease management avoiding multi condition separate recall. We can contact patients effectively by email, letter or text - and it records the contact with appropriate read codes in EMIS. We have used it to promote patient surveys and meet QOF targets.
Verified Review
Review by Caroline, GP in Tyne & Wear on 2nd November 2016
Patient Chase has made recall so much easier. It is flexible and enables you to work in the way you prefer whilst simplifying at every step. Flu recalls this year have been much more straightforward with Patient Chase managing all the coding. The company are friendly and responsive, not that there are that many problems! They are always interested in improving the system when you have suggestions or development requests. I would not like to work without Patient Chase.
Verified Review
Review by Pamela, GP Practice in Worcestershire on 2nd November 2016
Patient Chase has made my annual review recall process simple and much less time consuming. I have found the software very user friendly and the technical support from them is excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this software!
Verified Review
Review by Jane, GP Practice in Chester on 2nd November 2016
We are very pleased with Patient Chase and find it extremely helpful with Care Planning. Their support team is superb.
Verified Review
Review by Dawn, GP Practice in Buckinghamshire, on 27th October 2016

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