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INPS is integral to the revolutionising of digital healthcare. INPS has designed New Vision apps for Windows, Android and Apple devices, making GPs’ working lives easier – and also the lives of receptionists and administrators working in healthcare.
With simple task-driven screens and quick response times, users can be truly satisfied with the results.
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Digital healthcare experience

Vision is able to inter-operate between GP practices and the healthcare team, regardless of which clinical systems are being utilised, thereby promoting an ethos of collaboration. Information is readily available through INPS’ simple service-driven approach. Sharing appointments and patient records enables healthcare workers to deliver fully integrated and well-informed care to patients.


Vision is the clinical system that is used in primary-care settings and in wider healthcare situations in the UK, and INPS are the people behind it. They provide numerous possibilities and approaches to afford excellent and cost-effective health services to CGCs and health boards.

Choice and Inter-operability

INPS believes that healthcare workers should be able to use their preferred specialist systems, enabling them to work comfortably and effectively while providing their patients with excellent care. Therefore, INPS advocates choice and inter-operability.

A Cegedim company

INPS is part of the Cegedim group of companies. Cegedim, a worldwide technology and services company, was founded in 1969. They specialise in the healthcare field, supplying services, technological tools, specialised software, data-flow management services and databases to healthcare industries, life-sciences companies and insurance companies. Cegedim is one of the leading suppliers of strategic healthcare-industry data.

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Vision Anywhere

Making data available and immediate, Vision Anywhere allows you access to your patients’ records all day every day, from wherever you happen to be, and from any device.

If you travel in your work, Vision Anywhere will be highly relevant to you. It will provide you with reassurance when you need to prescribe medications, offering you access to your patients’ full medical histories, appointments and current medications at all times.

During consultations, you will be able to save information in the interactive patient records, thereby freeing up time as you won’t have to re-enter the information once back at the practice.

Outcomes Manager

Outcomes Manager assists you in meeting the requirements of local policies. It also helps you to standardise care across the population.

Outcomes Manager provides simple templates for data control and gives prompts to guide clinicians, thereby ensuring best practice is always carried out.

Data can be more accurate as all practices can submit reports in the same centralised manner, bringing to an end each practice’s manual submissions.

Vision 360

For authorised GPs and practices only, Vision 360 offers a web-based approach to accessing patient data via a secure web browser. This means that patients can be booked at any practice to see any GP, irrespective of where they are registered. Through Vision 360, each GP will be afforded the most current information, and this system will automatically send a copy of the consultation notes back to the patient’s own practice.

Patient Services Website

If patients can manage their own appointments, this relieves the workload of administrators at the practice. The Patient Services Website also helps patients to understand their own medical histories.

The old Vision Online website is currently being updated to a new, outstanding website known as Patient Services. It will be faster and can be used on Smartphones, tablets or PCs. It also has enhanced security. Patients can use this website to manage their own appointments, order repeat prescriptions, access parts of their medical history and contact their surgery at any time from any location.

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VAT Reg: 735898770
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