GP Practice Consultancy

Practice Index understands what is needed to make a successful GP practice. 

Whether you need a complete review of your practice, an evaluation of a single area or help with a specific issue, our service is carefully planned to improve your practice.

We offer a comprehensive and professional range of consultancy services throughout the UK:

  • Performance coaching
  • Facilitation services
  • Recruitment
  • Practice caretaking
  • CQC solutions
  • Financial solutions
  • Commissioning 
  • Federating
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing
  • Financial and management controls
  • Employment law
  • Information technology
  • Operational issues

Management consultancy services:

  • Strategic management
  • Income and marketing
  • Costs, expenditure and purchasing
  • Financial management and performance monitoring

HR consultancy services:

  • Tricky disciplinary
  • Investigating discrimination
  • Planning redundancies or restructures
  • Repairing broken working relationships

Contact us on 0207 0995510 for a free, no obligation telephone consultation.

Please also have a look at our large range of on-site training courses we provide here