Summarising Medical Records

Allow delegates to gain hands-on experience of organising and summarising medical records

  1. Training
    1 day course
    9.30 to 4pm

    Your practice or a neighbouring practice

    Course description:
    The Summarising Medical Records & QOF course will allow delegates to gain hands-on experience of organising and summarising medical records.

    Delegates will also learn associated abbreviations and appreciate confidentiality issues surrounding medical records. In addition the course enables delegates to understand the relevance of summarising in relation to the achievement of QOF clinical targets.

    The practical lessons will be discussed in the light of each delegate’s own practice protocol.

    This course is designed to enable delegates to:
    • Understand the importance of having a logical approach to summarising medical records;
    • Create protocols for summarising medical records, in conjunction with their Practice Manager and GPs;
    • Summarise medical records in an efficient and effective manner;
    • Gain an overview of QOF clinical targets and how summarising can help in the achievement of these targets;
    • Understand how confidentiality can become compromised in the process of summarising;
    • Explain how the Data Protection Act relates to their role;
    • Identify issues that they need to follow up when returning to their place of work.
    Course outline for the day:
    • Overview of medical records
    • Organising and pruning medical records
    • Protocol formation
    • Summarising medical records
    • Summarising and the effect on QOF and disease areas
    • Data protection and confidentiality
    • Medical Terminology
    • Summarising practical exercises
    (This course does not cover any issues in relation to inputting into the computer or Read codes).

    Delegates will receive a comprehensive course manual and a certificate of attendance.

    Who should attend:
    • Any staff managing medical records systems.
    • For staff responsible for undertaking the organising, sorting and summarising of medical records and also for those for whom this may become part of their role.
    • For staff responsible for clinical data entry including QOF data
    Full day: £875 + VAT
    For up to 15 people. You may wish to join up with other neighbouring practices to share the cost of the training.

    Bookings via Practice Index are charged at a discounted rate and come with a money back guarantee.

    Course delivered by:
    Alison Bingley, Hilary Andrews, Vicky Wild – dependent on the location of the course

    "Vicky is really good and keeps you interested with the course content. One of the best courses that I have attended."
    Course Participant - Leicestershire & Rutland CCG

    "All of it was very useful - it helped me understand the process and objective of summarising"
    S Wood - Fylde & Wyre CCG

    Please note: If the aforementioned trainer is not available on the day, a suitable replacement trainer will be supplied. For remote parts of the UK, additional travel costs maybe incurred. If so, this will be made clear to you before you book the training.