Staff appraisals for practice managers/supervisors

Appraisal skills training

  1. emma.hadwin
    Informative course, the role play section was very useful. I would be keen to send staff on an appraise course run by Lynda in the future.
  2. Traceyclampitt
    Enjoyed the session very informative and practical
  3. Jennine
    Appraisal training - full day
    Lynda was fantastic – and no she didn’t pay me to say that!
    The training was quite informal and it was a great opportunity to discuss what others were doing and lean from each other as well as from Lynda’s experience.
    We even managed to go through competency base for general practice in full, which I will share with the other attendees.
    It was a really thorough and informative training session; I will be recommending it to colleagues.
    Lynda also mentioned a session she could run for appraisees and how they can get the best out of their appraisal which all of us in attendance felt would be really useful and worthwhile.