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Leadership coaching to support practice managers in the challenging role of managing others

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    Leadership coaching

    The aim of leadership coaching is to support practice managers, and other team leaders who may benefit from coaching, in the difficult and sometimes challenging role of managing and leading others. Being a practice manager can at times be a lonely and isolating role. Coaching provides a safe space where you are able to talk in confidence with someone who has no knowledge of the organisation or personal interest in outcomes.

    Coaching is a partnership that supports and enables a person to find their own solutions, implement actions and discover resources and opportunities that were otherwise hidden from them. It is an interactive and developmental process, and through the use of a series of incisive questions aimed at removing limiting assumptions, it stimulates deep thinking in the person being coached.

    The coaching partnership is about listening and questioning; it is not about giving advice, teaching or suggesting that something should be done a certain way. Coaching comes from the premise that the person being coached has all the resources they need (from NLP – neuro-linguistic programming) and coaching supports people in accessing that knowledge. Coaching removes barriers and unlocks a person’s potential to enable them to improve and maximise their own performance. Goal-setting is important and encouraged in relation to changes in behaviours.

    Coaching conversations are a process of listening, exploring, clarifying, reflection, reframing, supporting and challenging limiting assumptions and beliefs. They are non-judgemental and the direction of travel and topics of conversations are at all times owned by the person being coached. For that person, coaching leads to insight, discovery, improvements in performance and a deeper understanding from working within a safe and confidential space.

    At the end of your coaching session you will have clarity about your priorities and goals within your leadership role. You will have developed the confidence and resources to lead your team in a pragmatic and empathetic way, whilst being aware of the impact and respecting the values and beliefs of your team. You will be able to successfully deal with difficult people and situations with the ability and skill to negotiate a positive outcome for all concerned. You will understand the difference between what is important and what is urgent, and how to delegate more effectively through trust.

    £65.00 per hour. It is recommended that you have at least two 2-hour sessions over the course of a month to get the most from the coaching process. To ensure that both parties are comfortable with the coaching partnership, a 30-minute session is provided without charge. In that session the coachee’s objectives are agreed and recorded.

    Bookings via Practice Index are charged at a discounted rate and come with a money-back guarantee.

    Coaching delivered by:

    Diane Thyer

    About the trainer:
    Diane recently left primary care after nearly ten years as a practice manger working for a 16,000 patient population practice across three sites. She understands better than most the uniqueness of working within a primary care setting, and how difficult, challenging and frustrating the job can be - but also how rewarding and satisfying.

    Diane fully appreciates the relentless and at times brutal workload a practice manager faces whilst having to be the confidant, the parent, the person who is there to soothe the ruffled feathers, the light bulb replacer, the plumber, and the one person who is available to everyone and anyone including patients. As a coach she understands how important having a safe space can be for a practice manager where they can offload confidentially and without judgement.

    In her coaching practice Diane uses a variety of models and tools. She has a keen interest in Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, John Whitmore’s GROW principles, and the work of David Clutterbuck and David Megginson with regards to organisational coaching/developing a coaching culture.

    Diane is qualified to ILM 7 level in Executive Coaching and Mentoring with a further postgraduate qualification from UWE (University of the West of England) in Executive Coaching. She is also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Diane is also a qualified HR professional with a special interest in learning and development and adult learning theories. She is a member of both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

    I received one-to-one coaching from Diane to develop my skills as a manager. It was like having a treat - to allow myself that space to reflect. With Diane's encouragement and person-centred way of working I achieved some real 'light bulb' moments which resulted in me making some significant changes. I valued my sessions with her so much that I commissioned her to work with my senior team. They have all really enjoyed working with Diane and their confidence and ownership of their roles has grown. We are reaping the benefits of the work achieved with her on a daily basis as a team of staff, and this benefits the people we work with. I highly recommend anyone to take some time out with Diane and enjoy that safe place she creates to dig a bit deeper – it is surprising what you find!
    Alison T - NHS

    Diane helped me through a particularly difficult time with my primary care employment. I felt at ease from the start due to her caring nature and exceptional listening skills. Diane asked the right questions which resulted in me finding the answers to my own problems. Within just 3 sessions, I was able to take a different outlook on my current employment and made some very productive decisions which made my life much less stressful. The coaching sessions have taught me how to break down stressful life events and figure out what is important and what is not.

    I still find myself using some of the tools we discussed, almost on a daily basis, not just for work, but for all aspects of my life. It is an extremely beneficial service which I would recommend to anyone wishing to look at life in a more positive and productive way.

    Practice Manager - NHS Primary Care

    Please note: If the aforementioned trainer is not available on the day, a suitable replacement trainer will be supplied. For remote parts of the UK, additional travel costs maybe incurred. If so, this will be made clear to you before you book the training.