General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) training

What you need to know and what your action plan should look like

  1. Training
    Any date that suits you


    13.00 – 17:00 (or a morning, if that is preferable)

    Your practice or a neighbouring practice

    Course description:
    Data Protection regulations are changing with the launch of the new GDPR and Medical Practices are encouraged to focus on their readiness for the launch in May 2018. GDPR promotes accountability and governance. Make sure your practice is fully prepared by attending this insightful course. The course has been designed for GP practices.

    Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of:
    • The key differences between DPA 1998 and GDPR 2018 and the significance of those changes
    • The scope of the GDPR
    • What can go wrong
    • What immediate actions GP practices need to implement in readiness for May 2018
    • How consent is defined and subsequently obtained
    • The role of the Data Protection Officer and why it is mandatory
    • What constitutes a data subject
    • Patient rights, including the right to object and the right to ‘be forgotten’
    • Data mapping tools and their effectiveness
    • How to manage requests for data (non-chargeable)
    • Any other matters relating to individual GP practices aligned to GDPR
    There will also be an opportunity to share key learnings.

    Course outline for the day
    The training facilitator will lead discussion relating to the purpose of GDPR and the impact on GP practices, bearing in mind the busy schedule. The course content is specifically targeted at GP practices, using terminology familiar to attendees. This course raises awareness amongst all attending staff which is a mandatory requirement of the new regulations.

    Who should attend
    Practice Managers, Administrators and Data Protection Officers will benefit from this course. Anyone who is processing data should also be considering this course or an online course.

    Half day: £695 + VAT
    For up to 15 people. You may wish to join up with other neighbouring practices to share the cost of the training.

    Course delivered by:
    Lynda Wilson

    About the trainer:
    Lynda is a seasoned HR Learning & Development Consultant having worked across a broad industry sector, including health / medical practices / CCGs. Lynda has worked with clients on a global scale with significant design and delivery of soft skills training. As a qualified, accredited trainer, Lynda aims to support Practice Managers / Supervisors to ensure they can manage their way through the minefield of GDPR to the benefit of the practice.

    Lynda is fully aware of the dedication and hard work of all staff within the practice and recognises the need for effective collaboration across the workforce. She is equipped with an insight to both the business focus, whilst balancing staff morale and always aims to inject a bit of light-heartedness into the training itself.


    “This is one of the best training events I have attended – the coach is very knowledgeable and puts a lot of energy into the event. Lynda’s interpersonal skills are first class.”
    Joanna Hughes, UCL, London

    “The trainer was first class and it is evident she has great expertise in her field.”
    Delegate, ESB, Ireland

    "Lynda was fantastic! It was a thorough and informative training session. I will be recommending to colleagues."
    Jennine Edge, Parkfield Medical Centre

    Please note: If the aforementioned trainer is not available on the day, a suitable replacement trainer will be supplied. For remote parts of the UK, additional travel costs maybe incurred. If so, this will be made clear to you before you book the training.