Cyber-crime and Fraud

Employee Awareness Training

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    1 Day Training (two consecutive courses)

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    Course description:
    Cyber-crime and fraud is a huge risk area for all sectors, but in particular GP Practices, given the sensitive data that they hold and recent attacks on the NHS. Over 90% of all incidents are caused by employee behaviour, irrespective of IT measures that may be in place, as criminals target employees because they are the weakest link in any security. Involving staff in your cyber security measures is crucial to helping keep your practice secure.

    This course, delivered by a former police officer and qualified solicitor, educates your employees in respect of their basic security duties, as well as ensuring they have an awareness of common threats they are likely to encounter in their day to day jobs, thus significantly reducing the risk of your practice suffering a data breach.

    Our training will you ensure that your employees:
    • Have the ability to identify potential security issues within the practice
    • Understand the consequences of poor information security and cyber security
    • Are able to recognise and understand best practice
    • Are aware of the types of cyber and fraudulent attacks that they may be exposed to in their day to day jobs
    • Understand how to avoid becoming a victim of an incident
    • Are able to prevent a data breach of sensitive information
    Course outline for the day
    During this interactive workshop, we will provide you with real life examples and scenarios, ensuring that the information delivered is both memorable and engaging. It will cover a range of areas, including phishing emails, social engineering and best practice measures to avoid becoming a victim.

    Who should attend
    All employees within the practice who require the use of a computer, laptop or mobile device.

    Half day: £525+VAT

    Full day: £875 + VAT (2 consecutive sessions to ensure all members of the practice are able to be trained)

    For up to 12 people. You may wish to join up with other neighbouring practices to share the cost of the training.


    Bookings via Practice Index are charged at a discounted rate and come with a money-back guarantee.

    Course delivered by:

    Edward Whittingham

    About the trainer:
    Edward is a former police officer and qualified solicitor, with a vast amount of experience covering a wide range of interesting areas – including 999 response, covert investigations, cyber prevention, serious fraud investigation and murder cases. He is founder of the Business Fraud Prevention Partnership, through which organisations can benefit from security awareness training, phishing email simulations and much more, to help protect them against fraud and cyber-crime.

    Edward also works as a freelance lecturer, teaching various crime and security programmes at the University of Salford and BPP Law School.


    “I have seen Eddie present a number of workshops and to great effect, capturing the audience’s attention and creating significant interest. Eddie has great knowledge and expertise in his business area and can add significant value to your business in terms of cyber and fraud prevention - I would strongly recommend Eddie.”
    Paul Clarke, Regional Director, RBS

    “Eddie’s delivery of this course was exceptional and delivered in such a way that it was interactive and informative, helping me to understand just how important cyber security is to our organisation.”
    Delegate, Manchester

    Please note: If the aforementioned trainer is not available on the day, a suitable replacement trainer will be supplied. For remote parts of the UK, additional travel costs maybe incurred. If so, this will be made clear to you before you book the training.