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About Practice Index

Practice Index is a directory of GP service providers that helps Practice Managers find reliable and trusted companies for every aspect of surgery life. Companies are ranked according to feedback and reviews left by NHS professionals, therefore a company’s score gives an accurate insight into what to expect from their service.

How Practice Index works    

Practice Managers rate companies out of five stars, with five being excellent and one being poor. Companies then rank on the site according to how positive their feedback is. The more positive, the higher they rank.

How to use Practice Index

Love a Company? Endorse them on Practice Index by leaving a review.

Dislike a Company? Tell us about your experience.

Getting started

Start by reviewing companies that you have used recently and then encourage your fellow Practice Managers to do the same. The site becomes a more and more useful tool as the number of reviews increases.

Leaving reviews

Leave as many as you would like, reviews take between 20 seconds and two minutes to write. Review a company right now! 

Can’t find a company you are looking for?

If you can’t find a company you are looking to review then click here. We’ll have the company and your review up on the site within 24 hours. If you are looking to find information on a company that is not yet listed on Practice Index then please do let us know and we will ask members who have used the company to review them for you.