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At Delivering Difference we focus on people and policies to deliver the difference needed. We work with your Practice to tick the CQC boxes while keeping life as simple as possible for everyone and improving the overall service.
For every Practice the amount of time and how we work together will be unique to your specific needs.
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  • CQC Training
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Delivering Difference Ltd
Our approach is individual to each Practice. We recognise that while there are similarities each have their own way of working and we will start from there. We will always use straightforward ways of working and documentation that will reduce effort for everyone in the long run. The key is that when we leave, you should be able to maintain and build on everything we have worked on together.

CQC Information Request

With confirmation that CQC is coming there can be an overwhelming list of information to provide in just a few days. It can be difficult to work out where to focus first, let alone trying to find and present the information.

We can help to pull that information together for you and present it in a way CQC can review quickly and easily.

This is the first insight to your practice that you get to share with CQC – let’s make it a positive start.

Presentation to CQC

Your presentation to CQC is the opportunity to show off your practice. What are your practice values, what makes you outstanding? It can set the tone of the entire visit. While a presentation shouldn’t seem that important, for this visit it is. CQC need you to shout about what you do and what makes your Practice outstanding. CQC even said this in June 2016:

“Everybody around them [the practices] might know everything is great, but unless they tell us and provide evidence, we [CQC] can’t prove that. And so that first presentation [is] the chance you’ve got to give information to us [CQC], the practices that do really well shine.”
Professor Steve Field, CQC Chief Inspector of General Practice

We can work with you to get the best information to share and then convert this into a presentation for you. Telling the story of your Practice and pre-empting as many of CQC’s questions as possible.

This will set your Practice up for success from the start of the day. 

  • CQC presentation example
  • CQC presentation example

Post CQC visit

After almost every CQC visit there are areas that have been highlighted that require improvement, this is especially true for practices placed in Special Measures. We work alongside your Practice, recognising the strain these visits and reports can put on you and your team, to make sure the improvements required by CQC are made whilst at the same time ensuring the team all feel included and supported.
For every Practice what this looks like will be slightly different but the basics will generally always include from us:
  • Reviewing the CQC report
  • Creating a simple Action Plan that everyone can use and follow
  • Delivering the Action Plan in partnership with your Practice
  • Looking for other potential gaps in Practice that CQC may pick up on during future visits
  • Preparing for next CQC visit
We can support in almost every non-clinical area. The below are those we have specific focus on:
  • Vision including defining with the Practice and implementation
  • Communication including meetings
  • Training & development
  • Policies & procedures
  • Framework & governance
  • Management structure & leadership
  • Analysis, lessons learnt & improvement
  • Action plans
  • General documentation
  • Teambuilding
  • Customer Service
  • Significant Events
  • Complaints
  • Safety Alerts
  • Audits
  • Safeguarding
  • Friends & Family Test
  • Annual patient survey
  • Recruitment
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