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The Wellness Centre

by in News, Practice Manager

We’re delighted to inform you that Practice Index is launching ‘The Wellness Centre’, which will support your well-being and also that of your colleagues in the practice. We’ll build a resource of our own ideas and suggestions, as well as yours, so that we can share what’s relevant and useful to support the well-being of you and other key members of your practice team.

At Practice Index, we’ve noticed that many contributions to the Forum have been about managing stressful situations. You describe the challenges of an increasingly demanding workload and higher levels of responsibility, or managing relationships with others in the practice – not to mention relationships with other practices! PMs are supposed to know everything, do everything, be everything to everyone – which is clearly impossible!

We want to help you help yourself, and bring back the joy and satisfaction of being an integral part of a primary-care team.

So, this is what we’re going to do. Every month during 2020, we’ll focus on a different aspect of wellness. We’ll start the conversation with a blog. We’ll describe the issue and offer practical tips and resources, as well as podcasts with different PMs. Then we’ll invite you to add your own experiences, tips and suggestions. This will build up a resource for you and others in your practice to dip into as and when necessary.

These are the topics we propose covering in 2020:

  • Managing your workload and time
  • Effective delegation
  • Managing stress and your mental health
  • Developing a positive environment
  • Being more assertive and managing situations rather than avoiding them
  • Developing coaching and listening skills
  • Receiving and managing feedback
  • Developing yourself further
  • Managing conflict
  • Celebrating successes
  • Motivating yourself and others
  • Setting and focusing on your own goals

Written by Patricia Gray

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Patricia Gray

Patricia Gray

Former practice business manager, HR/practice consultant, recruitment consultant, facilitator and trainer will write the blog each month. Patricia has recently retired from her consultancy to concentrate on providing executive and leadership coaching to GPs and practice managers.

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One Response to “The Wellness Centre”
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    Steve Says:

    This sounds really helpful – thank you!


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